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Year 2016

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Thank you one and all who contributed to the success of TLC. Maybe you prayed for us or donated a bag of goodies or offered to spend an hour or so a week at TLC.
Each one of you contributed to the overall success of TLC!


Happy New Year!

The Life Center is enjoying many new things as we enter 2017: our first Christmas in the new building, a new baby, new volunteers, new financial supporters, new garden, new vision. And a revamped, though not new, well and septic system.

How do we measure success? Is it the number of nights we provide safe housing? Is it the number of families we help? The number of diapers we provide? The number of babies born?

It is all of that, and more besides. Some stuff is hard to measure. We can tell you how many babies have been reunified with their mothers while mom was at TLC (4). But we could never measure how a mom feels holding that child in her arms knowing how hard she has worked to get to that place.

We can talk about improved family relationships, but what does that mean? It means three generations have found peace with each other.

There have been changes, healing, growth, forgiveness. Volunteer Angela Welsh expressed it well when she said, “TLC is more than just a place for women to live; it can also be a crucial part of a resident’s recovery and healing – and a very tangible difference for anyone who comes in mandated by the courts. The fact that we have classes, a house manager and daily onsite support is impressive to outsiders.”

We can talk about young women who are so broken they can barely take care of themselves, let alone a child or two. How do you measure the loving acceptance she receives? the hope she gains? the self-confidence? When the parent is healthy, the family is healthy. Volunteers who lend a hand help our moms, the babies, and the greater community.

Volunteer Tracy Echols said, “After a very long and challenging day, watching a little baby’s face light up when he sees me completely made my day worthwhile. There is nothing else like this organization and the difference TLC is making in the lives of the mothers and children that it serves. I am blessed to be one of their volunteer baby holders. It is a blessing to my life to go there each week and see how they grow physically, internally, and emotionally. So proud of all the hard work that has been done to bring it to this point! So proud to be a part of it.”

There was a time when there was no TLC. Where did desperate moms go? How did they provide for their children? Some lived in cars or other places not meant for human habitation. Some probably returned to an abusive relationship. We know some became strippers or prostitutes. Some may have ended up in a relationship with a pedophile. There were very few satisfactory long-term solutions.

But now there is TLC. Every day behind the scenes at TLC, there are classes, training, mentoring and encouragement. Everything you give helps TLC change lives. Do you realize what you are doing when you give? You are making a difference in the present and future life of an entire family!

TLC is one of three shelters in Hernando County serving specific populations.

The Life Center of Hernando (TLC) is a residential transitional housing for homeless women and children. Open since 2013, it serves women ages 18-25 with a maximum of three children under five years of age. The typical level of intensity and duration necessary to reach a successful outcome is 12 – 18 months. The first six weeks are free and that remains in effect until the mom has an established income.

Thanks for Blessing TLC in 2016!

Since our last newsletter, there have been several noteworthy events. The most exciting event was the birth of our newest resident- a baby girl. TLC proudly welcomes this new baby girl into the world. She is the sixth baby born while the mom was part of the TLC program. We are overjoyed that this baby girl arrived in time for Christmas. Her mom will share the details as she chooses. The baby shower was held at TLC just a few hours before the baby arrived! Talk about timing! It was a double shower, so we are still waiting for the other baby girl to arrive on the scene. Thank you, Hernando County, for providing a safe home for these precious families.

We really appreciate all those donations! We are so blessed, we hardly have time to

count our blessings, let alone put them away! A huge thank you to everyone in Hernando County who came together to make this an extra special Christmas at TLC. In February 2017, we will celebrate our 4th year of operation and all we can say is that each year has been better than the one before and the best is yet to come!

If we try to list all our well-wishers, we are bound to omit someone, and we don’t want to cause hurt feelings. There were middle school kids, college students, businesses, clubs, and individuals who all gave generously. Just look at our tree, all the gifts, and our full pantry! Thank you, thank you, one and all!

Kicking off the holiday season, a mentor group from Grace World Outreach Church

brought a party to TLC for our moms. It was a lovely grown-up Christmas party. The six hostesses brought gift bags and designer bags filled with great stuff (candy, lotion, hair stuff). They also brought lunch – everything from salad to dessert and beverages. They brought love. These are all lovely, godly women. One of the women was Valerie Herron, whom we have not seen since she taught Life Skills classes way back in the beginning of TLC. It was great to see her. Valerie was amazed and so happy at the progress we’ve made since Little House days. We really appreciate these women and the time they took to minister to our moms.

One group needs special recognition for their extreme generosity. Tone U Gym brought Christmas to TLC this year. They collected money from gym members and went shopping. Their goal was to fill every wish on every list, Including large items like car seats and gift cards for underwear. One mom almost cried when she got new shoes. Santa knew he had brought just the right gift! Plus, Tone U brought all the fixings for Christmas dinner, fruit, and a huge bag of homemade Christmas goodies. We feel their love and kindness. They have asked to come back next year and we could not be more pleased.

We always appreciate people who help us with funding – especially when a group hosts a fund raiser for TLC and donates the proceeds. This helps our staff to stay focused on our very important job of building strong families.

Groups that recently helped:

Gamma XI Master, a chapter of BETA SIGMA PHI, hosted a benefit for The Life Center at Strong Tower Vineyard and Winery in Pasco County. They invited Evangeline and Barbara who enjoyed the hors d’Oeuvres and live music. A fun time was had by all as we partied under the twinkle lights and got to know our generous supporters. Thank you, Gamma XI Master.

Donovan Britton, a 13-year-old Gulf Coast Middle School student, participated in a Pay It Forward Project. He organized an archery tournament at his school. The pictures show the results of his endeavors. Thanks, Donovan!

Isabella Borba attends Gulf Coast Academy of Science and Technology. She also chose TLC for her Pay it Forward Project. She wanted to raise money for TLC. She painted mason jars with holiday themes and added several items and goodies in each jar. She made about 50-60 mason jars and sold them in front of Susie’s Grill in Spring Hill. Thanks, Isabella!

Lowe’s provided a huge blessing to TLC this year. We approached Lowe’s for help. We told them we had 8 families living at TLC and not one good washer. That’s a lot of unwashed baby clothes! We explained we had two very old refrigerators and each mom only got one shelf. Not what you would call adequate! Our budget just wouldn’t stretch far enough to meet our needs. We offered what we had and Lowe’s donated the rest. Our heroes! Now all TLC residents have clean clothes and fresh food. THANK YOU, LOWE’S!

What About next year?

At TLC we don’t think we have arrived yet. What’s next? We have a new project in mind. In fact, we have been planning it for several months. The new property that TLC bought in early 2016 includes an outbuilding. We considered many possible uses for it and decided our most desperate need is for a learning center.

One of the most vital aspects of the program is the Life Skill classes held three times a week covering parenting, personal development, finances, and other vital topics. Volunteers are babysitting the toddlers, but all 8 moms and the smallest infants must crowd around the dining room table to hear the facilitator. This environment is not conducive to learning!

We hope to renovate the outbuilding for use as a classroom. Here, classes will be held, and computers set up for study and job applications. A classroom atmosphere will help residents and instructors focus on the instruction at hand. Being in an area conducive to learning and with fewer distractions, residents will be more engaged and better able to absorb the information.

We have made a start. We cleared out everything that was stored in the building. We cleaned and did some painting. We named this building the BEEhive because our moms are Becoming Educated and Empowered in a Hive of activity.

We need to get a building permit, put up one wall, and build an entry ramp and steps. We have one estimate for $7,408. We have a fund-raising campaign through Crowdera that outlines the project in more detail.

We are at full capacity right now with eight families. As we go to press, we have two homeless moms on our waiting list – each with three babies. That’s six homeless preschoolers right here in Hernando County. Please continue your support of TLC and help us to help those in our community who are so desperate.

You can help:

> Volunteer. or call 352-597-0119

> Visit and like TLC at

> Send a donation to TLC: PO Box 10141 Brooksville, FL 34603


TLC the Place and the People The holidays are here and soon 2016 will be over. As we look back, we feel extremely blessed to be part of the incredible ministry of TLC. The Life Center of Hernando has grown up a lot since we first opened our doors in March of 2012. The Life Center is better than ever: bigger and cleaner, with more services, more volunteers, more moms, and more babies. There has been growth in every area: facility, residents, staff, finances, programs, and vision.


TLC is first and foremost a shelter providing long term transitional housing. TLC occupies two adjoining buildings in Brooksville. Our total bedroom count is 8. We are currently at full capacity with 4 moms on the wait list. Each mom has her own room which she shares with her child/children. One bedroom is reserved for the House Manager.

* Both buildings are fully operational. * Our preschoolers enjoy the fenced playground * Our well has a new tank * Our septic no longer overflows * Our roof is not in danger of being crushed by a falling branch * Our A/C works in both buildings! * We now have a garden * TLC bought a new freezer * We have completed all the room inventories. * We have had numerous donations: a desk lamp, crib sheets, computers and paper products. Thanks to one and all who contributed!


* Fifteen people are currently living at the shelter, including 7 children. Two more babies are expected soon. * All of our moms are in school, working or enrolled in Career Source. * Because of our program, two moms have been reunited with their children following DCF involvement * Residents now earn TLC dollars which they use to purchase their own hygiene and baby items in our newly created boutique. * Residents are involved in community service and are giving back.

Giving Time and Talents

Volunteer Staff:

* TLC loves our volunteers! TLC would not exist without the many people who give so generously. A huge thanks to every one of them! Our volunteers are what make TLC great. We are discovering that the more volunteers we have, the more supported progress we can achieve and the smoother everything goes.

* We have many, many people who help us with fund raisers: racing bikes, selling hot dogs, conducting shoe drives and fashion shows, and donating consignment items. We wanted to honor them all so on October 15, the board hosted a volunteer appreciation day. It included a BBQ lunch and a tour of the facility. It was a time for the board, staff, and residents to get better acquainted. The board wanted to make sure volunteers knew how valued and appreciated each one is. Everyone who contributed time or finances to TLC in any way was invited. There were current volunteers and several new ones, in addition to a couple of familiar faces from the past.

* Grace World Outreach Church allowed The Life Center to participate in its recent Ministry Fair. This was a huge blessing. And TLC signed up several new volunteers.

Childcare: Childcare for a single parent can be a problem. We have new volunteers helping with childcare. We call them Baby Holders. They are especially helpful on the evenings we hold Life Skill Classes.

Support Staff: We have created a new position called “support staff”. These are volunteers who come to TLC one day a week to offer assistance as needed. So far this is working well to provide more structure to our program. These volunteers are there to help our residents in any way they can: baby holding, reading to toddlers, teaching cooking, discussing life’s issues, taking a walk, encouraging housework, or running the boutique.

Finding a driver of our van was a challenge. We needed a driver who was willing to commit several days a week to drive the TLC Honda minivan. We found our new driver: Eric. Being able to offer transportation to our residents has made a huge difference in their lives. We are able to offer transportation for appointments and grocery shopping.

We have a maintenance guy who never stops improving our home: Gary repaired old A/C water damage in one bedroom ceiling. He attached tub tiles and addressed washing machine issues.

Most important of all, we have a fantastic live-in House Manager. Her name is Crystal and she is responsible for our seven young mothers and their babies. She must encourage each resident to reach her goal of independent living. She must be available and supportive. She is responsible for enforcing rules in a consistent, constructive manner, promoting scheduled activities and overseeing housekeeping schedules. Crystal is required to work 10 hours a week. She is doing much, much more. She is a blessing. As she has discovered, TLC soon becomes an all consuming ministry as she interacts with residents and helps them achieve their goals.

Thank you, Angela, April, Asia, Barbara, Cathy, Connie, Crystal, Cynthia, Deborah, Denise, Eric, Evangeline, Gary, Jesse, JoAnn, Kit, Kristen, Laura, Pamela, Pat, Paul, Robin, Rosemary, Rozanne, Sharon, Silvia, Tracy, Rosemary, and all the rest of our crew for a job well done.

Finances & Donations:

We love to talk about TLC and share the wonderful things that are happening here. Sometimes we get invited to speak to a group. We always hope that group will be touched by the stories of lives changed. We hope that will translate into donations or volunteers – or both. We have never gotten a bigger response than we did recently at Cloverleaf. WOW! That is a generous bunch of women! First, they allowed us to tell about TLC. Then they presented a whole stage full of hygiene items (even 2 microwaves). If that wasn’t enough, they took up a cash donation. They wanted to do even more. Several members sought out TLC and popped by to volunteer! We are overwhelmed with gratitude!

Thank you, Clover Leaf!

Larry’s crew presents check

We recently received a generous donation from Larry’s Vans Cars and Trucks. Larry says, “I could not be more pleased that some of TLC’s goals have been realized with our assistance. Timing is the critical element. For all of us, our time to move the needle in the right direction is limited, and we need to take advantage of opportunities when presented.

There are many good causes worthy to support, both local and beyond. As a small business, I felt we could either do something small for a large, already successful nonprofit or make a larger impact on a small nonprofit perhaps struggling to meet its objectives. Everything I saw about TLC from my first exposure of you building back the Little House to the letter of application for our first Christmas Car told me that your cause was most worthy.”

We sent out about 80 letters to local churches. We are hoping some of them will begin getting involved and contributing monthly support to TLC. After all, if churches speak out against abortion, the result is going to be babies–and babies require care. A young single mother needs help to raise her child. Please encourage your church to get involved.

The Gamma XI Master, a chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, is hosting a benefit has a wine tasting for TLC November 4th form 7-9 PM.

For tickets call Marsha 352 796 5490 or Lynda 352 796 6966

Got Shoes?? The Life Center is once again gearing up for a shoe drive. That means you can use your unwanted shoes to bless others. How does it work? You donate your unwanted shoes to TLC A company pays TLC for the shoes by the pound. The company sends the shoes to a third world country where locals set up a shoe business.

What to do: For now, just save your shoes.

Donation locations will be published after the holidays. Want to volunteer or need an early pick up? Call Rozanne Cannucci 352 585 4994 Activities Current & Future Program Activities:

We offer Life Skill Classes several times a week. Our Life Skill opportunities grew so much this last year, we had to restructure. The result is that we now offer our residents Essential Life Skills in addition to weekly personal development classes. In the Essentials class, numerous facilitators teach a class or series of classes on anger management, Bible studies, nutrition, gardening, money management and so on.

New Garden

The garden project was one part of the Essential Life Skills. Four of our adult residents and their toddlers were on hand to assist the Master Gardeners with the garden’s creation. Thanks to Dr. Bill Lester and Master Gardener John Beatty from Hernando County Extension Services, TLC is now ready to start growing herbs, carrots, radishes and other vegetables. The box is not huge so it can be easily managed by residents. Dr. Lester will be back over the next months on a weekly basis to plant and work with our residents on watering and weeding needs.

Preschooler classes. While several of the children in the facility are now in licensed daycare, we felt it would be very beneficial for our toddlers to have a teacher who would offer preschool activities. In our newest program, the toddlers at TLC will have their very own class on Saturday mornings. We anticipate a room full of happy kids engaged with puzzles, blocks, books, play dough and finger paint.


What’s next? > Remove the rubble pile > Renovate the outbuilding as our new learning center for adults > Clear the woods and create kid’s play stations > Christmas is coming. The kids will need a party. Any volunteers?

TLC is gearing up to grow again!

The outbuilding on our property will eventually be converted to a meeting/study room for our adult residents and staff. Lots of learning and talking and computing will happen there. The building has history! At one point, it was used to process honey. We have been referring to it as the Honey House- a name that is no longer appropriate. Honoring this history, a new name was recently selected from contest submissions. Three winners share the spotlight. Deb Adams suggests the BEE, Barbara Lemoine thought BEE should stand for stand for Becoming Educated and Empowered then Kit Raymond added Hive to denote activity. The building is our new BEE Hive. Watch for the grand opening of The BEE hive sometime in the future after we have materials and labor to renovate. We have the name and the vision. Now we must get busy.

Care to help? You can reach us at PO Box 10141 Brooksville, FL 34603 or leave a message at 352 597 0119.

Feeling strong and creative? We have a great fall project for you. We have a patch of woods that runs along the property line of our new facility. A rough guess is that it is about 100’ by 40’–just the right size for a preschool play wood. We have no shortage of ideas on how to transform this into an enchanted outdoor play area. This would be a perfect project for a group. Are you part of a garden club? church group? large family? home school group? Give Barbara a call and come join the fun. 352 597 0119

You can help:

Volunteer. or call 352-597-0119 Like us

Visit and like TLC at Shopping? First click Donate a vehicle (888) 448-3345

Create a Legacy Send a donation to TLC PO Box 10141 Brooksville, FL 34603

The Life Center of Hernando, Inc. is a charitable organization registered under s.496.411(3), F.S. A copy of the official registration may be obtained from the division of consumer affairs by calling 1-800-435-7352 Toll-Free within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. The Life Center’s registration number in Florida is CH 22951

His Heart, His Hands, His House


Great Community Support

July 4th was a great day to celebrate America with fireworks and fun for the entire family. Many folks came out to the fairgrounds for music, games, contests, food, and the Demolition Derby! A colorful and sparkling fireworks display topped off the evening. TLC was there with a hot dog stand to raise funds for the shelter.

Thanks to everyone who bought a hot dog on July 4th at the TLC Dog Shack at the fairgrounds. Vans Cars and Trucks sponsored this booth for a very successful TLC fundraiser. We are so grateful for their faithful support!

It was a regular Hot Dog Hurricane run by a fine work crew. This marvelous event was a first-time deal where everyone learned a lot. It sounds so easy: cook hotdogs and serve with cold drinks and chips. But considerable preparation was needed in order to be proficient enough to serve over 800 hot dogs in 3.5 hours.

Here’s what Larry has to say:

“Huge thanks to Jim for partnering in this excursion. Wisdom and drive paired with tolerance of working as a team make his assets beyond considerable. Not enough can be said for what he brings to pulling off any project he involves himself with.”

Karen and Deb were tireless dog assemblers, building and wrapping those dogs as fast as Larry could cook in batches of 24 to 48. Whoever knew you could get carpal tunnel from wrapping hotdogs? lol

David and Linda were front end workers…. tirelessly greeting and filling orders. What a great team.

Helpers from The Life Center dug into whatever was asked, filling in on worktables or chasing down ice coolers. Cyndi, Jess, Dillion, and all the others worked in shifts between baby duties, greeting and hawking our Dog Shack. They did an impressive job presenting TLC to the public. The closing crew with Dillon stayed to the end, tearing down till everything was all packed up and ready to roll. A huge thanks to everyone who helped in any way, including those who bought a hot dog!

We are loving the attic in our new building. It’s unfinished, but good enough to hold all those donated baby items while we wait to match them up to the right baby. Some items found a new home at the recent Happy Happy Hippos sale in Brooksville. TLC picked up crib sheets and a bottle drying rack that we needed (more of both are needed). Our residents and volunteers worked long hours to prepare for this fund raiser. We have evaluated our work and found several ways to improve for the spring sale. The main thing is that everyone worked together to help make our program better. Thanks to everyone who sorted, entered, pinned, and hung. You all did a lot of work!

Year after year in Leadville, CO; endurance athletes from all over the world test their grit, guts and determination with the ultimate goal of “Racing Across the Sky” and earning the coveted silver and gold buckle. Jess King of Spring Hill not only pushes his mind and body to the limit, but he also raised $1,000 for TLC at the same time.

Jesse’s awesome talented wife, Kristen, created this check for him to present to Barbara Lemoine, Executive Director of TLC. Jesse says, “I am just the delivery guy. You guys are the real heroes. I took on a responsibility to raise money for The Life Center of Hernando County–and thanks to the hard work and dedication of all the donors I was able to make good on my promise. $1000 will do a lot for the families of TLC and put a lot of smiles of those kids’ faces. Thank you so very much for every single hard-earned dollar that you gave to make this a reality. I will make everyone proud in Leadville. Thank you always!!”

Lots of Volunteer Opportunities

This last spring the residents at TLC requested a CPR class. On Thursday, March

10th from 1 – 5 pm, Dan Santana (DOES HE HAVE A TITLE? LT?) from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office came to TLC to facilitate that class. It was a long class and residents had to still take care of their children.

Everyone managed to work around childcare, breaks, feeding times, diapers and so on.

Angela Welsh from TLC wanted to do something special to thank Dan, so she created the first-ever TLC Thank You plaque. Dan is pictured proudly displaying the plaque which depicts scenes from the first 3 years of TLC’s existence.

Thank you, Dan, and all the other folks who have helped make TLC a success. See TLC’s history at

New opportunity!

TLC is looking for a house manager. It is a volunteer position but does include a private room with adjoining porch. We keep the facility as wholesome as possible because we have preschoolers. You guessed it: no smoking, drinking, sex, “bad words”, and so on. Sorry no pets.

Position requires a min. of 10 hours/week overseeing the daily activities of the facility. Warning: it soon becomes an all-consuming ministry as the House Manager begins interacting with residents and helping them achieve their goals. Both intense and highly rewarding.

Contact Barbara for more information 352 597-0119

Maybe you do not want to live at TLC, but only want to volunteer by the hour. Here is your opportunity!

The Life Center of Hernando would like a few more Granny-Nannies (baby holders). Our toddlers need hugs and laps too.

Wanted: drivers over 25 with a good driving record willing to commit one or more days a week to drive the TLC Honda minivan within Hernando County. Our residents need transportation to school, WIC, Career Source, and other essential destinations.

A party planner for birthdays and holidays is needed. Everyone needs a little bit of fun now and then. The truth is that even Mother’s Day passed with no celebration at TLC. That wasn’t right.

Are you a preschool worker willing to teach toddlers in the morning one or more times a week? Volunteer. Our little guys need you.

Do you have a skill you can offer? TLC probably needs you. Can you cut hair? Paint? Pull weeds? Sweep a roof? Sort donations? TLC is approved to supervise community service hours.

Contact Barbara 352 597-0119

Short on volunteer time, but still want to help? There are a few things TLC would really like. Call for drop off instructions. Barbara 352 597-0119

BBQ grill

Food blender

Bottle drying rack

Bottom crib sheets

Household supplies: laundry soap, paper towels, toilet paper

Hygiene items: shampoo, conditioner, feminine hygiene, wipes, diapers

Towels of all kinds

Bedside lamps (wall-hung is best)


TLC has been extremely short on social activities this year. One thing we absolutely could not overlook was the birth of our two youngest residents. We held a combined baby shower after they were born. That was sort of unconventional, but the best we could manage. Another resident planned the decorations and refreshments and invited the guests. It was a huge success. We had wall-to-wall people. The adults entertained us with lots of lively conversation while the younger set crawled around on the floor and splashed around in the wading pool. Lots of fun and a great “welcome to our world” for the newborns.

Speaking of baby showers, here is a fun idea for a group of grannies who are missing those grand babies up north. Why not plan a mock baby shower? Games, food, decorations–all with a “welcome baby” theme. Gifts can be donated to The Life Center of Hernando County. Our most requested items are wipes and diapers size 3 and larger. Have fun!

Monetary and material donations to The Life Center help us provide safe shelter, life skills, parenting classes and transportation for our residents. With our new building we can now serve more young families. With that growth comes an increase in expenses for the services we provide. We need your support to help us meet the needs of others.

You can help:

> Volunteer. or call 352-597-0119

> Visit and like TLC at

> Send a donation to TLC PO Box 10141 Brooksville, FL 34603

The Grass is Always Greener

The grass is growing well at TLC. One spot was growing a little faster and a little greener than the rest. Checking more closely, we discovered it was VERY squishy under all that grass. Could it be? Yes, indeed. We had an overfull septic tank with a missing cover. That explained the backed-up toilet. Yet another surprise of home ownership.

We made a few calls and got a guy to come out to pump out the tank. Naturally, this was over a major holiday weekend. Naturally, he wanted to get paid.

We sent out an appeal for needed funds to help cover this unexpected expense. One faithful supporter sent money and we applied that to help clean up the smelly mess. We sent a thank-you note along with an “insider update”. She replied back, “I love your updates! Doesn’t matter if it’s new cribs or cleaning a septic tank, it’s wonderful knowing the money is helping to make this house a home!”

Want your own insider update? Become a monthly supporter of TLC. Send any amount to: TLC PO Box 10141 Brooksville, FL 34603 or go to and donate online.

APRIL 2016

TLC has a New Home

We love, love, love our beautiful new home. Sure we had to work hard to get it and sure we are working even harder now that we have it; but it is ours. TLC has a permanent new home.

It is a place to grow. The kids who live here will grow, but so will their moms. This is where we will teach life skills and prepare young mothers for independent living.

More bedrooms mean fewer families will have to be turned away. We still will not be able to help everyone in need of shelter, but we can help more than before and that is very important to those who are able to come into the program.

Thank you again Hernando County for your loving support and old-fashioned hard work. Especially Gary who just keeps coming back to see what else he can do.

Our Story in Pictures

We will tell our story in pictures:

Robin Cook checks out all those windows and rejoices that most of them already have blinds.

Angela Welch, Barbara Lemoine and Silvia Vadell gather with some of the faithful

volunteers. They are seeing a long-held dream materialize. It was a long wait.

Mary Cook gave up sleep to paint, paint, paint.

The family room is taking shape. We were extremely grateful for the help of students Rebecca, Logan and Chloe.

The first bedroom is clean, painted and set up. Time to interview the next new resident.

The family room is painted, and it is beginning to look kid friendly.

We still need to make those stairs safer.

A guest checks out the new dining area. This is where meals will be shared, and classes and meetings held.

Officially Open

Finally, the big day arrived. April 7 2016, TLC held its official Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting. We had about 50 guests and ran out of parking spaces. We were thrilled!

Everyone toured the building and grounds and anticipated the delicious lunch Felicia Post had arranged.

A Chamber Ribbon Cutting always involves a big circle where everyone does self-introductions. It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones.

Finally, the big moment arrived. Board Chair Evangeline Reid cut the ribbon while Kit Raymond cheered her on. The Life Center of Hernando’s new home is officially open.

MARCH 2016

The Life Center of Hernando Newsletter March 2016 is proud to report that this year started out with a whirlwind of activity. We want to tell you about the car and the banquet. We know everyone wants to hear about the new building and the new babies. We have new volunteers to introduce.

First things first. We want to publicly thank God for His provision. He has positioned all of us for such a time as this to be able to help moms and infants at risk of homelessness. He provided 3 buildings in a 3-year span and all the finances to keep those buildings operational. He sent volunteers to mend the buildings and to mend lives. And He was right on time.

It required more than a little faith that we would have our new building before the contract on the old building expired. We feared that if it all didn’t work out, we would have to put some residents back on the street. But it did work out and we even had 10 days to spare. It is all good.

The new building is exactly what we have been dreaming of these last 3 years. It is a large house sitting on 1.6 acres. It has the potential for 5 bedrooms with some renovation. It has a pole barn, parking space and a wooded area.

Various volunteers have been in and out all week cleaning and removing junk. One new bedroom will be in the space that was the original kitchen before the new kitchen was added. That room has been gutted and now needs new flooring and several other things including a closet and a door.

TLC acquired an attic when we bought our new place. We don’t have the time, energy or finances to do much with it right now. We have a couple of people with good imaginations thinking about the future use of this space. Anyone looking for a project?

Located on our new property is a second, smaller building we think would make a terrific thrift store. It is currently full of professional art supplies, still in their original boxes. We hope to sell these at a deep discount. We are going to need

lots of help to turn that building into a store so we can start to generate an

income of our own! It will also provide our moms with retail experience.

Our next event will be the Chamber Ribbon Cutting. We are aiming for early April. We are thinking about making this a combined ribbon cutting and art supply sale.

Our priority in that building is getting a ramp so we can invite Chamber members and artists to tour our entire facility and maybe purchase art supplies. The door is about 3′ off the ground so a long ramp is needed. There are no steps there. The interior floor is also raised.

Another volunteer opportunity!

All projects require money so fundraising is vital. We thank everyone who helped TLC

raise money in any way, but especially those who supported the banquet. Banquet highlights:

Dave Shepard was keynote speaker.

Kit Raymond offered to match funds raised at banquet.

Angela Welsh got food donated by local restaurants.

GWOC provided the room and tables.

Thanks to everyone who contributed in any way.

TLC babies

Just before the New Year, TLC welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world.

Mom and baby had a rough start, but now all is well. Soon after that, another TLC resident in very advanced pregnancy had go to her doctor appointment in Spring Hill. As a precautionary measure, she was then sent to the hospital for baby monitoring. Because TLC was able to offer her transportation, she did not have to ride the bus. This mom, who was only a few days away from giving birth, was very grateful. We are very grateful for the van! Not too surprising, soon after she too delivered a beautiful baby girl. Both moms and their daughters are all doing well.

TLC has the cutest babies on the block! We love being a part of the miracle each time one of these precious tiny ones comes into the world. We are going to respect their privacy by withholding additional details, but there is one picture we will share of one of the babies being admired by Rolando Welsh and Robin Cook. Their faces reflect the love and support every mom and baby at TLC receives. Thank you for making it all possible.

TLC Volunteers

We have had so many new volunteers lately, we had to hold our first ever volunteer orientation meeting. It was an opportunity for new volunteers to meet each other, meet some residents and staff, see our shelter, have their pictures taken, complete the required paperwork, and pick their area of interest. We welcomed Jenna, Lindsey, Laura and Kim. Later we welcomed Rosemary and Debbie. There is still room for more. TLC has shown itself to be a success. Come join our team and watch lives transformed!

Here is what Kristen King has to say:

“My time spent supporting the residents of TLC is one of the best points of my week. This program is not a band-aid, a quick fix or a handout. These moms are making real, serious, meaningful change toward a better life for themselves and their children. I see them setting and achieving major life goals, breaking long-standing patterns and cycles and beating the odds in every possible way. They gain confidence, they build competence, but perhaps most importantly, they find hope–some for the first time in their lives. It’s an absolute honor to work with these young women. “

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