Year 2015

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

The Life Center of Hernando is very grateful for all of the community help.


Pregnant and Homeless at Christmas: an Old, Old Story

As a non-profit, The Life Center of Hernando relies on the generosity of others for everything. We are not asking for ourselves. We are the voice that lets you know about the needs of others. We love this time of year because it brings out the best in everyone. Churches and businesses are donating to TLC right now to ensure our children in shelter are not forgotten. Our 2015 needs are being met. We are very blessed!

Looking ahead to 2016, we will need lots more help. TLC is grateful for all the support we have received over the last three years. We have sheltered 20 young women (7 of whom were pregnant) and their 20 children. Some stayed with us a year or more, receiving mentoring and training as well as shelter. There are so many more who need help. TLC does not desire to reduce the number of beds we have…yet that could happen.

We need your help before our contract on the Little House expires February 29, 2016. We have found the perfect building and are seeking finances. Without it, some of our residents will be homeless once again. Your contribution will help keep families sheltered. Please contribute today. Please contribute NOW!

For those who like visuals, our thermometer can be tracked at: Let’s keep that red line moving on up! The $85,000 goal will provide eight bedrooms for eight families now and into the future. That’s roughly $10,000 to provide each bedroom. If each mom has just one child, $5,000 will forever make a difference in the life of a homeless person. If you knew of a homeless baby on Christmas, would you give $5,000 to shelter and care for him? We need $85,000 to keep our current bed count and expand to meet the needs of our community. Can you help? Will you help?

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. PO Box 10141 Brooksville, FL 34603 For more information please call Barbara at 352 597-0119

Every Donation Helps TLC. Jesse King is racing to help. He says, “I will be raising money for The Life Center of Hernando. My goal, through and this race, is to raise money to help the families that come through this house. My wife Kristen and I have been supporting this organization in 2015 through material donations and volunteer time, and I want to do more. It is an honor to be able to use this race to bring attention to the work they are doing while helping to raise money to support their mission. Thank you very much and I appreciate anything that you can give.”

TLC is not only working to increase its capacity but is working to provide more services to our current residents. Larry Van Fossen has been reconditioning our new-to-us minivan. Phil Undested at Killingsworth Insurance is working hard to get TLC the best policy. We have a volunteer driver, Gail Matadors. Soon our residents will be able to get to the WIC office, to the library, to a notary, to the bank. Very, very exciting!

Eighth graders Haley Nelson and Emily DeSario chose The Life Center for their Gulf Coast Academy Pay It Forward projects. Haley raised $216.55 through a garage sale and bake sale. Emily raised $130 with a car wash. Great job, Haley and Emily, and many, many thanks. The money will be added to our expansion fund so we don’t have to ask anyone to move out in February. No one is too young to help. No donation is too small.

The Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Brooksville created four handmade twin quilts, several crib and receiving blankets, and a quilted Christmas tree skirt for our residents. These quilts are on the beds, adding a colorful, homey touch to our rooms; the tree skirt adorns our Christmas tree. We are very blessed by their labor of love. Sharon Mack from Grace World Outreach Church has offered to help with additional decorating.

Volunteers Add to Success

A huge congratulations to Dr. Evangeline Reid. She is the new TLC board chair. Barbara Lemoine will continue to serve TLC as Executive Director. Watch for more about Evangeline as we move forward.

Taylor, one of our residents, led a tour of TLC for some visitors from St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church. We have asked Taylor to record a virtual tour–she was that good! She blessed all of us with her enthusiastic appreciation for TLC. The members of St. Paul’s know that a single mother who chooses to parent needs help! We are looking forward to having St Paul as one of our community partners.

Thank you, Billie Woodside, for supplying party decorations. We never want to forget how important celebrations are to our families. Every mom long to celebrate her child’s milestones and moms in shelter are no different.

Our volunteers help prepare our residents for the future. Angela Welsh facilitates the Thursday evening Life Skill classes at TLC. She tries to bring in qualified members of the community to give the very best to our residents and to help them form ties in the community. We thought you might like to see the Money Management class led by Michele Jones from Insight Credit Union.

Volunteer of the Month

The Life Center of Hernando proudly presents Kristen King as Volunteer of the Month for November 2015. Kristen joined The Life Center in September 2015, when she began offering parenting classes to the moms in residence. A young mother herself with 4-year-old twin boys (Miles left, Emmett right), Kristen’s full-time job is designing and delivering virtual training programs for a federal contractor specializing in human services research, evaluation, training, and technical assistance.

Her extensive work in homelessness, mental health, and trauma during her career and the love of that work were what brought Kristen to TLC. She focuses on teaching TLC residents parenting skills that will build resilience in their children, reduce stress for the whole family, and create a solid foundation for physical and emotional health. Kristen is particularly passionate about gentle discipline, strategies that support early childhood development, home and vehicle safety, and maternal mental health. When Kristen isn’t working, having fun with her kiddos, or teaching at TLC, she writes a parenting blog at and trains for half-marathons.

We Love Babies!

At TLC, we have two precious little girls on the way. One will probably arrive before you read this and the other one will be here soon after. Ready or not, babies arrive! We try to help our residents be ready. Recently we were blessed to attend a baby shower hosted by two TLC residents for a third resident. It was well attended and nicely decorated, with delicious food, beautiful gifts, fun games, and a glowing mother to be. Fun, fun, fun!

Then TLC House Manager Miranda Hoover and her friend Sherri Ann, both from Christian Fellowship Church, put together a combined baby shower for our two pregnant moms. The second mom missed the first shower because she had not joined our TLC family yet. We had not even met her yet. The birth of a baby is always a reason for celebration. We needed a second shower and the ladies at Christian Fellowship made it happen. We cannot wait to see these two darling bundles of joy!

We invite you to join our winning team. Help TLC help others. Maybe you can volunteer to be our: * Maintenance worker * Grant researcher * Mentor * Assistant Driver * Social Director & Birthday Coordinator * Experienced Executive Board member * CPA/accountant * Preschool “teacher” * Banquet planner * Fund raiser for a new building * Consignment vendor * PR person * Social Butterfly at community events

The life Center of Hernando, Inc. is a charitable organization registered under s.496.411(3), F.S. A copy of the official registration may be obtained from the division of consumer affairs by calling 1-800-435-7352 Toll-Free within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. The Life Center’s registration number in Florida is CH 22951


The Life Center of Hernando has lots of news: new volunteers, new donors, a new floor, a new baby on the way, a new vehicle coming, a new building needed.

Cute kids get top billing. Our youngest resident just celebrated her first birthday. Lots of babies do that, but not lots of babies spend part of their first year homeless on the streets. Being in a shelter is not the greatest, we admit. Nevertheless, this family is grateful for a safe haven. That explains why this darling put on the tutu her mom made and danced!

If you read our recent email, you know TLC is grateful for all of the support we have received over the last three years.

Businesses generously gave materials and labor so the Little House could become a reality. Family members, friends, and strangers donated so we could keep our doors open. Ed Finertie’s family donated a second residential building for TLC. People give because the need is so great.

TLC continues to offer hope to the homeless. TLC offers that dancing toddler a safe place to live. TLC offers loving care to our pregnant mom whose baby is due December 1st. TLC helps families gain independence like the mom who now has a job at Publix.

Your dollars are doing all that and more. Now we need your help before our contract on the Little House expires February 29, 2016. We have found the perfect building and are seeking finances. Without it, half of our residents will be homeless once again. Your contribution will help keep families sheltered. Please contribute today. Please contribute now!

Every Donation Helps TLC

We appreciate every gift whether it is new socks, old shoes or cedar mulch.

Chris Coffin‎, the Red Mule Runners, and Run! collected shoes under the direction of

Michelle Zapata. Good job and many thanks to you.

Christy Plants and Rhonda Bradley from Brooksville Church of God of Prophecy dropped off amazing bags full of cosmetic and personal products. Our residents were thrilled. Thank you Christy and Rhonda.

TLC was just blessed with a big box containing 240 pairs of Bombas socks. There were enough socks so that TLC was able to share with other agencies. Our residents love them!

Weeki Wachee Stone Yard donated and delivered 2 yards of cedar mulch for our playground. The playground had been looking rather uninviting after the summer rains. Out with the weeds and in with the mulch!

One of our pregnant residents had an urgent request. She asked. “Is there any way the life center can get a recliner donated? I have scoliosis and now it got worse. My back hurts every time I lay down and if I don’t lay down, I get dizzy. I couldn’t sleep at all last night.” Before the day was out, Phyllis Gsoell had driven a pickup to South End Civil in Bushnell and brought back a recliner donated by Doug Dempsey.

The most exciting news comes from Larry VanFossen. He told TLC, “We are moving ahead with your minivan. Since we are sort of a production facility…taking used trade ins from new car dealers and making them the best they can be, we actually have 2 vehicles that we have narrowed down for our holiday project for TLC. Both have been going thru our checkout and reconditioning process; we will be making our final decision between the two this next week. We are on target timewise for a Thanksgiving delivery and looking forward to participating in your continued success.

Every Volunteer Adds to TLC’s Success

Anna Murphy is our 88 yr. old volunteer who makes baby blankets for TLC. At a special luncheon Anna was honored by Elder Affairs out of Tallahassee for her many, many years of volunteer work. Thanks, Anna, for all those hours. And thanks to Miranda for donating that big bag of yarn so Anna can keep on volunteering.

About 20 volunteers from Suncoast Credit Union came to TLC on a recent Saturday to help us clean and paint. Thank you to Suncoast Credit Union.

Miranda Hoover is our new House Manager. Miranda attended University of Central

Florida where she was both Peer Advisor and Student Assistant. She also attended PHSC where she served as Student Government Treasurer and President. Most

importantly, she has a passion for TLC and is prepared to lead by example. We are very blessed to have her on our staff.

Janette Pena is now ministering at TLC on a regular basis. She offers our residents an opportunity to increase their faith as they come together for praying, sharing and studying. At TLC, we believe a strong belief system is vital for everyone, but especially for those who are going through difficult times. We are very glad she has joined our team.

Angela Welsh has been serving TLC since the earliest days. She says, “I have been volunteering with The Life Center since 2011, performing different duties including board member and secretary. I started serving TLC because I believed in the vision and the sheer force of the Executive Director’s will to make the idea of a shelter for young moms become a reality. I stay because every day that TLC is operating means young lives are being positively impacted. It feels great to know

"I am part of something that is making a difference on a daily basis and on a very real level. I do not see myself quitting any time soon.”

We invite you to join our winning team. Help TLC help others. Maybe you can volunteer to be our: >Maintenance worker >Grant researcher >Mentor >Driver (So exciting!!!!) >Social Director & Birthday Coordinator >Experienced Board member >CPA/accountant/treasurer >Preschool teacher

How can you help? >Volunteer. or 352-597-0119. Ask for Barbara > Like us at https://www.facebook.comTheLifeCenterOfHernando > Learn more about TLC at

Contribute online

Or send a check to PO Box 10141 Brooksville, FL 34603

For more information, please call 352 597-0119


Two Huge Blessings

So much happened at TLC in September, it will be difficult to condense all our incredible news into this one short newsletter.

You probably already know we had a floor that was so rotten people were falling through it! Ken Santucci worked non-stop for several weeks to replace the floor and get the

building back in use for the moms who were so desperately waiting for shelter. At one point, things weren’t looking very good, but suddenly everything fell into place. Joseph’s House loaned TLC a truck to pick up the new flooring donated by Pay It Forward Farm.

Home Depot employee Rosemary Atkins knew about TLC and was determined to help. She got management to generously support this project. Volunteers to assist Ken were in very short supply. That slowed him down, but it did not stop him. Ken is our hero. One TLC board member sent Ken a message:

“Ken, let me express my gratitude for your loving and persevering service. So many people offer to volunteer because it feels good to offer, but when the time comes to work, we can’t find them! You, on the other hand, did this service “as unto Jesus” and did not quit until the job was finished. May you be highly favored before God for your endurance and your skilled craftsmanship dedicated to Him.” “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

We are grateful to all the volunteers who assisted recently. Beth McGlothlin assists regularly as does Morgan Booker. Mike Carter came by to fix our dryer problem and ended up fixing the electrical water pump which had gone out, leaving us with no water! We are very blessed by each volunteer. Volunteers help TLC help others.

Since we opened our doors, TLC residents have had unmet transportation needs. We have been challenged simply to provide our housing program and could not help in this crucial area until now. We received incredible news! TLC IS GETTING A VEHICLE! The Board of County Commissioners approved funds for this project. At the same time, Larry VanFossen stepped up to offer his help. Pictured is one way Larry is helping TLC. Together we are accomplishing more.

TLC Volunteers

Ever wonder what the volunteers at TLC experience? Kit Raymond decided to share her experience. Kit says, “I began serving at The Life Center because I hoped to make a difference in the lives of the young families who come to TLC in desperation. They have NOWHERE else to go–not even another women’s shelter will take pregnant women or women with children just because they are homeless. I must admit it is often frustrating: the women come in with the same baggage and problems they have carried most of their lives–and they can be challenging, rude, and even unthankful at times.

However, little by little, we see changes–better parenting, new skills, recognition they can make a future for themselves and their child. And sometimes we get women who make giant strides; all they need is a safe place and people willing to show them the way. Then, especially, the frustration and long hours have been worth it. Then it is obvious that The Life Center has literally rescued a family that was being thrown away. ‘

Here is our current staff- in NO particular order:

> Kristen King is now teaching weekly parenting classes.

> Jannette Pena will teach our first Bible class on 10/12.

> Barbara Lemoine oversees Success Markers and Parents as Educators.

> Angela Welsh continues to facilitate weekly Life Skill classes.

> Robin Cook interviews new residents and offers spiritual guidance.

> Silvia Vadell is helping residents set and reach goals.

> Kit Raymond is still our TEMPORARY House Manager. Help wanted!

> Bob Santoro just volunteered to be our maintenance man

> There are several others, and we appreciate you all.

Barbara Lemoine, Executive Director of The Life Center, was chosen as one of the Hernando Heroes and was honored at the Habitat for Humanity Heroes Gala. Kit Raymond (right) and Barbara Lemoine (left) attended the Gala representing TLC. The theme centered around the fact that all volunteers are heroes and they are simply ordinary people who do a little (or a lot) more than other ordinary people.

TLC has new residents, new volunteers, new finances, new energy and new dreams. Join a winning team and help TLC help others. Tell us what you can do.

At the Shelter

What’s happening at TLC?

On a recent history making day, prayer warriors gathered to seek God’s blessing and provision for future expansion of TLC. The name of the project is “7010”. Please join TLC in asking God for His perfect will in His perfect timing regarding project 7010. We have our eyes on a building that could not be more perfect for our needs. Now we need some creative financing.

The contract on our original building is up In February 2016. The owner will not be renewing our contract and we will lose half our beds. There is a huge need. Last month we had 15 families ask about shelter. The number we can help depends on the number of beds we can provide. Currently we have 4 moms and 4 children living at TLC (along with a couple of yet unborn babies), and another family will be joining them soon.

We were recently very blessed to see a former resident on Linked-In. She came to us as a first-time pregnant mom. After her baby was born, she returned to college and got her degree. We love having played a part in her success. We want to help more like her.

Anna’s Story ran for 69 weeks. Our fictional character mirrors many of the experiences common to those in shelters. In episode 69, Anna got a job, enrolled kids in daycare moved out of the shelter–just that fast. We hope you enjoyed the series. Past episodes can be read at


What’s new at TLC?

We have two new moms and three children living in the Little House. They are settling in well. One works while the other does childcare.

The House Manager position is still open. Our House Manager got married and left us.

Does this live-in position sound right for you?

The House Manager lives at our residential facility for homeless women and their young children. Primary duties include: assist to maintain a safe and secure facility; attend staff meetings and trainings as requested; respond to requests from residents; assist with intake interviews; conduct site inspections regularly; understand and follow emergency procedures, including fire procedures; request food, clothing, etc. as needed; assist residents to meet requirements as needed; distribute household supplies; prepare housework schedules; mediate between residents and refer to Program Director for crisis intervention; childcare is not required. House Manager position requires approximately 10 hours/week, plus simply “hanging out” with the residents.

A furnished bedroom is provided, plus computer access and utilities. There is NO cash salary. Outside employment is recommended. If you are interested, call Barbara at 352 597-0119 or email

Everyone is busy, busy, busy. Kristen King started teaching weekly parenting classes. Barbara Lemoine is overseeing our Success Markers program and our Parents as Educators program. Angela Welsh continues to facilitate weekly Life Skill classes. Robin Cook is holding resident meetings. Silvia Vadell is helping with goals. Kit Raymond is still filling in as temporary House Manager. We are arranging for Bible classes.

What BIG changes would we like to see? We would like a new building by the new year. We would like to provide transportation for our residents. Some VERY exciting news about transportation is about to be revealed. With God all things are possible.

The Flooring Story

We are making great progress on our reflooring project and plan to reopen that building soon. We have two rooms promised already and are regularly scheduling interviews with prospective residents.

Ken Santucci perseveres. He committed to reflooring our second building and he stuck by it. Despite dead animals, mold, labor shortages, heat, sickness and lack of lunches, Ken persevered.

First Ken had to rip out the old flooring. The old particle board was so rotten people were falling through it. It wasn’t safe to go to the bathroom!

The workers arrived. The project was going well. Then the building lost the well pump due to an electrical problem. Ken stopped the flooring project long enough to flip the breakers. It took a few times, but eventually worked. An electrician is still needed!

Because we have desperate moms waiting for rooms, Ken sped up the timetable. He had the help of hard working Career Source volunteer Beth McGlothin. After he ripped out the old flooring, Ken put down the new plywood. Now he just needed to go get the wood laminate flooring and install it. All he needed was a truck and workers.

The flooring was donated by Christine Collins from Pay It Forward Farm. She is always happy to share with the The Life Center. The 1200 sq. ft of laminate flooring donated by PIFF is pictured. Christine said, “This flooring is sent with lots of love and best wishes for all the young women and children that walk through your doors and across your floors.”

More things fell into place. Joseph’s House loaned TLC a truck to pick up the new flooring. Beth and one of the new residents unloaded the new flooring off the truck and brought it into the building. Meanwhile, Monte Patterson loaned TLC a trailer and Barbara and Kit loaded the rubble from the old floor onto the trailer. Ken kept everything rolling as he dealt with unpleasant surprises at every turn. The project was about half done. The pressure was on. Ken knew those desperate moms needed a home. He worked Labor Day.

As an experienced grandpa, Ken knew the rubber ducky set tends to splash water. He told us the flooring donated by Pay It Forward Farm was fine for all rooms expect the bathroom. Ken asked Barbara to pick up alternative flooring at Home Depot. Instead of having to write another check, she got a very nice surprise.

At Home Depot Barbara met employee Rosemary Atkins. Rosemary knew about TLC and was determined to help. She got management to donate a $25 gift card and then proceeded to get our final bill down to $2.13. She also provided information on applying for a Home Depot grant. We love this community spirit. We can hardly wait to move the furniture back in and say “Welcome” to our new moms


Time is Marching On

There are back-to-school ads, tax-free sales, and hints for getting the kiddies back on schedule. How is it even possible another school year is about to begin? A year ago, we were so proud of our little kindergartner as she set off to school on her very first day. She was so adorable in her little uniform as she climbed the big school bus steps off to begin her academic pursuits.

The babies at TLC are growing up fast. The youngest one at TLC is now pulling himself up and looks like he has plans to walk soon. One sure sign of fall is the Happy Happy Hippos Fall Event. It is a huge consignment sale held at the Hernando County Fairgrounds featuring everything for kids. The event was July 31 through Aug. 2nd and TLC was there.

We sold items we no longer needed and then we shopped for a few essentials. As we were going to press, Kit Raymond spotted a pair of curtains which will look great in one of the newly painted bedrooms. Kit is TLC’s Donation Director and she worked many long hours preparing for this event. Thanks, Kit!

Anna’s New Attitude

If you have been following the story of fictitious Anna for the last year, you must be as pleased as we are that she finally grew up a bit. She is no longer the selfish, spoiled brat we have been reading about for the past year. Hallelujah! In Anna’s own words, “Something amazing happened! I just knew God was there and that He loves ME! God loves Anna. The God who made the whole universe loves me! He loves Anna. Anna, the girl no one has ever loved before. The little girl who always wanted a daddy who would call her his princess…” More of Anna’s Story can be found at

Valued Volunteers

Last month we told you how grateful we are for the new volunteers who have offered to help TLC.

Michelle is one of the new volunteers. She is putting together a team and gearing up for the next shoe drive. She has taken on a lot of responsibility, but we believe our supporters will assist her to make this fund raiser a success. TLC is ready to collect ANY pairs of shoes you no longer want.