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May 2017

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

You are invited!

You are invited to come help TLC celebrate four years of success at our 4th Annual Banquet.

You are invited

Meet some of our residents who are living the theme, “Working for Success.” Friday, June 9th, 6-9 pm. at Grace World Church, 20366 Cortez Blvd. Brooksville, FL 34601.

Local restaurants are providing the meal. Tickets ($25) may be purchased by cash, check, or PayPal. Order by calling Barbara at 352 597-0119 or sending her an email

Be sure to say how many tickets you want.

The theme this year is Working for Success. There will be a fashion show presented by our very own residents. There will be an amazing silent auction. There will be a buffet dinner provided by various local restaurants, so you are sure to find some of your favorite dishes.

TLC started as a grass roots movement. With the help of our community, it has grown and prospered. Many young families have benefited. A huge, huge “thank you” to everyone who has helped TLC succeed.

We are so blessed we hardly have time to count our blessings, let alone write a newsletter! Here are some of the major highlights:

TLC proudly welcomed two new baby girls into the world. They were the 6th and 7th babies born while their moms were part of the TLC program. Thank you, Hernando County, for providing a safe home for these precious families.

Lowes is one example of community support.

We approached Lowe’s for help. We told them we had 8 families living at TLC and not one good washer. That is a lot of unwashed baby clothes! We explained we had 2 very old refrigerators and each mom only got one shelf. Not what you would call adequate!

Our budget just would not stretch far enough to meet our needs. We offered what money we had, and Lowe’s donated the rest. Our heroes!

Now all TLC residents have clean clothes and fresh food. THANK YOU, LOWE’S!

Crosspoint Church came to TLC March 25 to clean up and paint. We love our new blue kitchen! The cross pictured here was placed there by the original owner of the property. It had weathered and been hidden by overgrown vegetation. Now it is visible once again. The teens did the best job ever mowing the grass.

The shortest members of the crew worked diligently picking up scraps left behind when the old rubble pile was removed. Some of the women helped sort baby items. All in all, lots was accomplished, and TLC looks so much better! Thank you one and all! Our residents are highly blessed by community support like this. It tells them they are important, valuable. and loved.

What Others are Saying About TLC

Angela Welsh helped start TLC. She had the opportunity to attend a meeting at City Hall. In Angela’s words:

“(Those who) ran the meeting had quite a few questions for TLC and I was grateful to be there to answer them”.

“TLC is more than just a place for women to live; it can also be a crucial part of a resident’s recovery and healing – and a very tangible difference for anyone who comes in mandated by the courts. The fact that we have classes, a house manager and daily on-site support is impressive to outsiders.” Angela concludes with, “God bless everyone involved in TLC!”

We wanted everyone to see Tracy Echol’s kind words.

After an exceptionally long and challenging day (at work), watching a little baby’s face light up when he sees me completely made my day worthwhile. There is nothing else like this organization and the difference TLC is making in the lives of the mothers and children that it serves. I am blessed to be one of their volunteer baby holders. It is a blessing to my life to go there each week and see how they grow physically, internally, and emotionally. So proud of all the hard work that has been done to bring it to this point! So proud to be a part of it… ♡ Tracy

We faced a challenge when 2 new families joined our household, and we suddenly didn’t have enough beds. Fortunately, all the kids at TLC are still young enough to fit into toddler-sized beds, but we still had a space issue. Our hero Darryl saved the day by constructing a couple of sets of toddler-sized bunkbeds. Thank you, Darryl! One mom wrote, “Me and my children were one of the families blessed with these wonderful beds and my boys love them we came from a domestic violence shelter and were facing having to return to the abusive situation but God open the doors for us here and thank you for being a part of that to all that support TLC you are not just donating money you are changing lives I know you have changed ours thank you!!!” See you at the Banquet June 9th!

We are all want to grow up and be productive. USA Tree Service delivered a load of donated mulch for our playground. One of our little ones lent a helping hand to move the mulch over under the swings and slides. Good Job, kiddo.

Looking forward: This month we have plans to repaint inside and out giving TLC a cleaner and more homey appearance.

We also have plans for new linoleum flooring. We pulled up the nasty, old carpet in preparation for the new flooring and discovered hard wood floors and even a trap door! The floor in one room is salvageable and we will keep the original hard wood floor in that room. That was an incredibly happy surprise!

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