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June 2018

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

We're 5 years old!

For well over five years, The Life Center of Hernando has been providing 24/7 for mothers and infants who are at risk of homelessness. That’s a lot of hours. That’s a lot of babies. That’s a lot of diapers. That’s a lot of dedicated volunteer hours. That’s a lot of tragic stories that were prevented.

The Life Center has really grown and grown up. Initially we had a three-year lease with room for a house manager and 2 residents. Just getting that far was a MAJOR, MAJOR accomplishment. We remember the amazing construction crew that tore apart and rebuilt the Little House, giving us a place to start…and our ribbon cutting with Hernando Chamber of Commerce, which has provided so many volunteers and supporters…Vans, Cars, and Trucks which has done fundraisers for us. Hernando County Commissioners who have awarded grants to help expand our program…churches who collected shoes for our first shoe drive and now help us find volunteers… So many local people and businesses who help us continue to meet needs. It has truly been a community project and a tribute to the compassion Hernando County residents demonstrate.

We were inexperienced newbies with extremely limited resources. Our all-volunteer staff didn’t even know how to advise our residents to apply for SNAP (food stamps). Soon we were gifted a trailer and, after much labor, with no A/C one very hot summer, we ended up with 3 more bedrooms and a playground. Lowes picked TLC for its Neighborhood Project and installed a fence around our playground.

Just in the nick of time, as our first lease was expiring, we were able to buy our permanent home and very soon after, TLC got our first vehicle. Since then, we have been able to provide limited transportation for our residents.

Now look at us!!

Our volunteer staff has increased severalfold both in number and in skill level. We are doing the best job ever providing services, meeting needs and changing lives. We have a team of dedicated, professional volunteers who take their responsibilities seriously. We are so grateful for this team. Meet a few of our amazing volunteers:

Vilmarie is willing to help wherever she is needed. She is working in leadership, as hands-on staff, and maintenance.

Debby is our new “Boutique Manager”. Our residents earn TLC dollars for program participation. They can use those dollars to purchase hygiene items, diapers, wipes etc.

Paul Heuer created a doll house. It is one of over 116 creations he has built since

1979 and took Paul about 2 months to build.

Judy led a cooking class and created a very special memory. It was a first time ever for some moms and kids to cut out and bake cookies, make the frosting, and decorate. Great fun and enjoyed by all. This experience helped build stronger family bond and lifetime memories.

Fresh produce is always appreciated. Regina brought apples and more to TLC.

Thanks, County Line Produce, for your generosity.

Sometimes a volunteer finds time to just sit and play with the darlings living at TLC. What could be more important than showing love?

We love all our volunteers for caring so much. Together we are making a difference in the lives of young moms and their babies in Hernando County.

Matthew 25:35-40 “For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, 36 I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’37 Then the righteous will answer him, saying, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you drink? 38 And when did we see you a stranger and welcome you, or naked and clothe you? 39 And when did we see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ 40 And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these, you did it to me.”

If you can drive, you can help. Our little ones need rides to daycare and back five days a week. One hour/week of your time would help us. You would come to our facility in Brooksville at 8 a.m., take our van and drive to daycare, then return to TLC and pick up your own car. Alternatively, sign up for the afternoon pick-up around 5.

If you have more time to offer, we will be overjoyed. Drivers need to be over 25 with a good driving record.

Can you read to the toddlers one evening a week? They will love you.

Call Barbara to ask about our monthly volunteer orientation to learn how you can help.

352 597 0119

Residents are busy

As our program matures, we are better able to direct our residents to services that will help them reach their goals. This is the most motivated group of residents we have ever had

With a full house that currently includes 9 little ones, constant cleaning is a necessity. The rooms are not always as neat and tidy as they are in these pictures, but we try.

The newest member of the TLC family has arrived. She was the 9th baby to be born

while mom was living at TLC. She is precious. We held a baby shower for mom. Residents past and present and volunteer staff enjoyed chocolate-covered strawberries and some fabulous chicken dip. Decorations, gifts, and eight kids made for a fun time. The oldest child in attendance was three, which means there were several unauthorized tastes of frosting!

TLC provides basics, but life is so much more. A very special little boy who lives at TLC turned 4, making it a day to celebrate & remember.

Raising funds keeps everyone busy

Have you ever wondered how TLC is able to support the families who come to us? Of course it takes money to provide housing, utilities, laundry, transportation, life skills, birthday parties and lots of other things essential for healing and preparing for independent living. Some may think the government pays us. Not so. Some may think we have a rich benefactor. Not so. Some may think God provides and that is true. He provides though the gifts of ordinary people giving what they can when they can. Sometimes those ordinary people pool their money and can make a more generous donation.

Recently the Women’s Social Club in Cloverleaf Forest sent what they considered a small token to help us help others. We think it is a generous token and it certainly will be used to help others! Thank you, Cloverleaf!

We love community support, especially when it is offered by students. No one is too young or too poor to give something to someone else. The students from Nature Coast Technical School National Honor Society raised some funds for TLC. Thank you, everyone!

New Flooring!

A year ago The Life Center of Hernando was presented with a check for $1,000. That money enabled us to finish our flooring project. We love our new floors, and we love the group that made this possible. It is called 100+ Women Who Care Florida Nature Coast. It is simple: 100 committed women each give $100 per quarter per woman. The goal for each quarter is to present a different local non-profit with $10,000. That amount of money can make a huge difference. TLC was an early recipient, but even $1,000 made a big difference to us. If membership in this group sounds like a good fit for you, find out more at

Home Tone U in Weeki Wachee found several ways to bless TLC. At Easter, Dana brought beautiful baskets which showed our residents there are lots of good people in this community and we love you.” More recently, Tone U held a belly dancing class. It was a fund raiser for TLC. Tone U brought fun to our community while raising funds to help homeless moms and babies.

Fun + Funds= winning combination

Thank you, Tone U!

Need a painless way to help support TLC? Shop at and Amazon donates to The Life Center of Hernando. It costs you nothing and we make money.

One supporter said, ” I wish I had known this way before now! I shop Amazon for everything- thousands of dollars every year! I signed up and will post this on my page.” We are asking all our donors, volunteers, past residents and friends to bookmark this link so your shopping will benefit Life Center of Hernando.

We love community support, but we also feel that we should try to earn our own

keep whenever we can. We have been blessed with a super abundance of baby items – more than we can ever use. We are preparing to take some of that excess to Happy Happy Hippo Consignment Sale in July. We only sell clean, usable items and we sell at ridiculously low prices, hoping to offset our expenses and at the same time bless other young families.

TLC is also planning our first Yard Sale on SATURDAY, JUNE 23RD from 9am-3pm at BROOKSVILLE CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE, 19384 Ingram Street, Brooksville 34601.

Toys, linens, furniture, household items, hand-made crafts, bake sale and more! Your support will help The Life Center continue to assist and shelter young moms and their children at risk of homelessness. Come out and join the fun and support TLC!

Barbara at 352 597 0119 and leave a message.

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