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July 2020

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Caring is Sharing

100+ Women Who Care Nature Coast is a group of local women who are a philanthropic force within Hernando County. They recently presented this big check to The Life Center of Hernando. TLC provides much needed services to young moms at risk of homelessness. We are very grateful. TLC was then eligible for 50% matching funds from the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation family of Best Buy. A huge thanks to both groups. To contact 100+ Women call 352 573 8501


Sadly, the program at The Life Center is not a one-size-fits-all sort of program. Sometimes a family's stay at TLC is cut short because either the program wasn’t a good fit, or the timing was just wrong. How hard is it to see a family leave? It’s very difficult because we understand the hardships mom may be facing.

When things just aren’t working out, it is time for mom to leave. A few leave quietly, a few aren’t so quiet. Sometimes a mom is grateful for the help TLC has given even when the program has not been a good match at this stage of her journey.

One mom expressed her feelings in the following letter:

"Ms. B, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and all you do. This program is amazing. I never knew there was anything like this. Thank you for all the patience, understanding and work you put in. I look up to you and respect you as a person and also look up to Miss S. You are both helping me to grow.

It is a blessing to have you in my life and am not wanting to let you down. I appreciate your unique outlook on stuff and love your creativity. I also think it is amazing how you make sure the kids are OK and have toys.

Thank you for always being honest and to listening to my ideas and opinions. We love you."

TLC continues to offer our services as we all adjust to these unusual times.

Life continues! Babies just keep on coming. No matter what is happening in the world, babies continue to arrive. Those babies still need a safe place to live. Last month we eagerly anticipated the birth of another little bundle of joy. Now she is here. A new baby is always a blessing. Mom and daughter are both back at TLC doing great. Residents and staff have been helping in every way possible.

LIFE AT TLC has been extra stressful due to COVID. There is no better time to put aside old grudges and work together for harmony in the house than with the arrival of a new baby.

It is no coincidence that this baby is the 15th baby to be born to a mom living at TLC at the time of birth. The numerology number 15 is a family, healing, and harmony number. Join us in a prayer for harmony and healing for everyone in our TLC home. This is your personal invitation to come volunteer at TLC. We are currently short staffed and need your help. Can you plan a party? Can you drive a mom to the doctor? Can you encourage a young woman who needs uplifting?

Can you write a check? Can you read to a child? Can you paint a wall? Whatever you can do, we need you. Call Barbara 352 597 0119

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