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August 2017

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Individuals Help TLC

The Life Center of Hernando is currently at full capacity, housing five mothers and six toddlers. Plus, two moms are expecting.

The Life Center offers life skill classes 2-3 times a week. Our current focus is on helping our residents become employed. All our current residents are either employed or working with Career Source to find employment.

The Life Center can offer our residents more help to achieve more success than ever before because of all our new volunteers! We have new volunteers helping with maintenance, driving, childcare, life skills and daily support. Many hands do make for a lighter workload and a better run program. Thanks to all the new staff: Jan, Winnie, Marilyn, Audie, Laura, Judy, Susan, Herb and Sandi. Things have never run more smoothly. Naturally, we also appreciate our staff who have stuck by TLC through our years of growth. Angela Welsh heads our life skills program. Gary Ballou keeps the buildings in good repair; Crystal Batten lives at TLC and assists our residents on a daily basis with all of life’s challenges. Pam Rimby organizes donations, Cynthia Salzman and Evelyn Algerian help with childcare. So many each help TLC in his/her own way. We have a great team!

Despite all this help, what else could TLC possibly need?

We desperately need someone with a strong back and a car to head up our drive. We could use a few more drivers so that each shift can be kept as short as possible.

Our toddlers would enjoy having a warm-hearted person to help with bedtime rituals. You know the drill: snack, teeth, PJ’s, story, prayers, and good night hugs. A little love goes a long way.

Volunteers called “support staff” come to TLC each day to offer assistance as needed. While this support is extremely helpful, volunteers are not always thanked for their help. When a new resident enters the TLC program, she is often hurting and finds it difficult to do even the minimum to care for herself and her child. She is not thinking about thanking TLC for anything she receives. As time goes by and she regains her life, she is better able to appreciate what TLC has done for her. That is a process and often she does not express her gratitude for some time.

One such past resident wrote to us.

“Please know that I will always ever be so thankful to each one of you for what you did for my son and me. You guys have a special place in my heart for sure! Love you all”

Besides the people who show up week after week for their shifts, there are other groups who help in different ways. Over 65 employees from Keller Williams volunteered to work at TLC for their Red Day. They painted the outside of two buildings and the common rooms inside. They worked on clearing the wooded area and did numerous other jobs, including installing new fans and refinishing one bedroom floor. They didn’t stop there! They also raised money to help with the new linoleum.

A huge thanks to everyone at Keller Williams!

The Beta Sigma Phi Sorority raised money over the past few months to help keep our doors open so we can continue to serve single moms and infants at risk of homelessness. Pictured is Beverly Lewis presenting one of those checks to Barbara Lemoine for TLC. Thank you Beta Sigma Phi for your amazing generosity!

The 100 Women Charitable Foundation funds non-profit organizations that support education, family, and health & wellness. The new Hernando Chapter chose to help support The Life Center. Their goal was to encourage women’s involvement in philanthropy and make a significant difference in our local community. We were blessed to accept their contribution.

TLC Helps Itself

The 4th annual TLC Banquet was a huge success! Grace World Outreach Church provided the facility, including the use of their new commercial kitchen. The entire evening was fun and festive. About 140 people enjoyed a buffet dinner. Volunteers worked in the kitchen and offered childcare. Our residents modeled office-ready outfits and shared their plans. Twenty locals

businesses each decorated a table. We were happy to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. Winners from the silent auction carried home their new treasures. Former mayor Natalie Kahler shared her inspiring story. We thank everyone who participated for their generosity. Our residents are terrific, and it is heartwarming to see them so well supported by our community!

The 4th Annual Banquet

Model #1:

“I have to admit I wasn’t too excited about the banquet and fashion show along with some of the other residents. It turned out to be so much more than I thought. It was a fun time. It was nice to dress up and such an encouragement to see all the people who came out to support TLC.”

Model #2:

This resident was very reluctant to go. She expressed how hard it was to get a job with her background and that people do judge her by her appearance. She was very sincere about this. She had a good time and was surprised to see how nice everyone was.

Model #3

She talked with one attendee who works at the courthouse. She got a lot of information, and she is excited and hopeful about moving forward with her career!!

Model #4

She said it was nice to get her makeup done, along with getting to dress up. She felt welcomed and everyone was nice to her and helpful.

Model #5:

This mom also said that everyone made her feel welcomed and not uncomfortable. She spoke with several of the vendors and got contact information.

Model #6:

She was nervous about the fashion show and all the people but said it was a fun time and she enjoyed herself. She also spoke with some venders and took some business cards.

Model #7:

She had a great time and so did her children. She spoke with two women in the substance abuse field, got a lot of information and their numbers. She did not know the whole story of how TLC got started and now is very grateful to all who were a part in it.

A huge thank you to everyone who attended and blessed our families. We are all very proud of all the residents for stepping out of their comfort zone and doing the fashion show and for taking the initiative to talk to people. Everyone looked beautiful and confident!

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