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TLC Volunteers    th

First we want to share with you how you can become a TLC volunteer. Then we want to introduce you to some all-star volunteers.

How to volunteer:

Look over the TLC website or facebook page or read a newsletter to get a better idea of what TLC does.


Contact TLC by phone at 352 597-0119 or e-mail or fb message at and offer your services. Tell us what you are able to bring to our program or what some of your skills are. Maybe you are a grant writer or a grandma. Maybe you can help with maintenance or be a driver. Whatever your skills, we probably need you.

TLC will get your contact information and let you know when the next new-volunteer meeting is being held. At that meting you will tour the facility, meet some of the residents and complete some paperwork. You will need to bring a picture ID. We will be taking your picture unless you send a selfie via email prior to the meeting.

At the meeting we will discuss the various volunteer position that are open. Most jobs require about 4 hours a week. It varies a lot. You will be asked to submit a short report after each visit to TLC with a brief description of what was done. You will be expected to keep track of your own volunteer hours and turn those hours in once a month.


Thanks for volunteering! 


As a start up non-profit, it was essential for The Life Center of Hernando to find qualified leaders who were willing to volunteer their time and talent to fulfill the collective dream of creating a facility for single young moms at risk of homelessness. Initially being a board member meant getting one’s hands dirty. It meant taking every small crumb that was available and turning it into something of value. It meant trusting God to do the impossible. It meant stepping out of our comfort zones and meeting new challenges.  Who were the early pioneers and who were those who followed? Who are those serving at TLC today who carry on in excellence?  The Life Center of Hernando proudly presents the all star volunteers past and present who have faithfully served. Each one is a blessing from God.


Evangeline Reid

Evangeline Reid Board Chair

Dr.Evangeline Reid  joined TLC as Board on 12/1/15. Dr. Reid earned her Doctorate of Education with honors from the Sussex College Division of Technology, Sussex England.  Dr Reid also earned her Executive Master of Business Administration in Management and Leadership (MBA): and Master of Christian Counseling and Psychology (M,Sc) from the Georgetown Wesleyan University of the Americas (GWUA) in Freeport, Grand Bahamas.  Currently, she serves as the Dean of  Hamilton College. Dr Reid has also earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Management with a concentration in Management Information System (MIS) from the University of Massachusetts in Boston, Massachusetts.  She has obtained her Associate in Science Degree in Legal Assistant from Pasco Hernando Community College, in New Port Richey, Florida where she received special awards including being named on the President’s List.
 During the last ten years, Dr Reid has worked  as a Life Coach, Customer Service Rep., Financial Consultant, Insurance Agent, and as a  guardian for the Counties of Hernando and Pasco and was quite involved in giving back to her community in helping the elders.  Dr Reid has served  as  a Vice President and Dean in the educational field for eight years, and mentored as  a Case Manager in the Therapeutic Programs for Youth-At-Risk.  Dr Reid has lived in Jamaica, NH, MA, and N.C and currently resides in Florida.  Dr Reid  has traveled extensively to several of the Caribbean islands and Europe.


Janette Pena Bible Instructor

Janette Pena Bible Instructor

Janette Pena is now ministering at TLC on a regular basis. She offers our residents an opportunity to increase their faith as they come together for praying, sharing and studying. At TLC, we believe a strong belief system is vital for everyone, but especially for those who are going through difficult times. We are very glad she has joined our team.




Parenting Instructor Kristen King

Parenting Instructor Kristen King

Kristen King joined The Life Center in September 2015, when she began offering parenting classes to our moms. A young mom herself with 4-year-old twin boys (Miles left, Emmett right), Kristen’s full-time job is designing and delivering virtual training programs for a federal contractor specializing in human services research, evaluation, training, and technical assistance. Her extensive work in homelessness, mental health, and trauma during her career and the love of that work were what brought Kristen to TLC. She focuses on teaching our residents parenting skills that will build resilience in their children, reduce stress for the whole family, and create a solid foundation for physical and emotional health of both moms and kids. Kristen is particularly passionate about gentle discipline, strategies that support early childhood development, home and vehicle safety, and maternal mental health. When Kristen isn’t working, having fun with her kiddos, or teaching at TLC, she writes a parenting blog at and trains for half-marathons.


Miranda Hoover

Miranda Hoover House Manager

Miranda Hoover is our new House Manager. Miranda attended University of Central Florida where she was both Peer Advisor and Student Assistant. She also attended PHSC where she served as Student Government Treasurer and President. Most importantly, she has a passion for TLC and is prepared to lead by example. We are very blessed to have her on our staff.




Morgan Booker

Morgan Booker

Morgan Booker volunteered with the Life Center of Hernando (TLC) for four months during the summer of 2015. She said, ” During this time I have seen so much growth within the organization and how they’re really dedicated to helping young single mothers with children. TLC works hard to meet the needs of its residents not only physical needs but emotional and spiritual needs as well. This organization is a community of love and all of the volunteer staff are incredibly generous with their time and go above and beyond what is expected of them. Under the leadership of Barbara Lemoine, TLC has really started to flourish and make a name for itself in the community. I love how TLC has a Christian background and is spreading God’s love through being of service to others. I am blessed to have been a part of TLC and I know only great things ‘ are in store for its future.



Program Director Robin Cook and his wife Mary

Program Director Robin Cook and his wife Mary

On 4/15/2014  we welcomed Robin Cook to The Life Center of Hernando Board. We were very pleased to have him with us.  With his willingness to do whatever he can to help, he quickly  become a valued member of the Board. In his initial  volunteer role, Robin interviewed the very first resident at TLC. Since that time, he has stepped up to become Program Director. Robin continues to serve on the TLC Board.



Pam Pollock Board member

Treasurer Pam Pollock

Pam Pollock became a new Board Member and TLC treasurer in November 2013. Pamela utilizes her financial and leadership skills in serving TLC. Pamela received her BA in Economics at Talladega College. Then in 1981 she attended  Clark-Atlanta University where she received her Masters in Business Administration. In 2011 Pamela enrolled in the University of Phoenix as an on-line student to work for a second masters, this time  in Healthcare Administration. Pamela works at One Mainstream assisting and training intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals to live independent and successful lives. Pamela left TLC when she moved to Orlando.

Kit Raymond. House mom and Board member

Kit Raymond Donations Director

Kit Raymond became a board member and off-site house mother in September 2013. Kit Raymond is a graduate of University of Michigan in English Education and is certified in Math and English Middle School. She is the mother of seven and used to run a home daycare center. Kit is the director/housemother of Starfish House, a discipleship home for women of faith who live together, supporting one another in spiritual and personal growth. In addition, Kit tutors students in math and prepares adults to take their GED or  college placement tests. She also does some substitute teaching. Kit has served  TLC as off-site house mom and is a current Board Member and Donations Director.

Life Skills Director

Angela Welch   Life Skills Facilitator

Angela Welsh became a TLC board member and Board Secretary in  March 2013. Angela was instrumental in helping to establish TLC. Angela first served on TLC’s Steering Committee. After the home began operations, Angela served on the Board as Secretary, Life Skills facilitator, House Mother, and Public Relations Representative. Angela recently stepped down from her Board positions at TLC, but continues to be active as Life Skill facilitator. Angela holds a BA in Liberal Arts from Hampshire College, Amherst, MA. She is currently Vice President of Marketing and Production for I’m All Girl.

imagesPastor Joey Heidler joined the board Nov. 11, 2011. At that time he was Senior Pastor,Turning Point Church of the Nazarene in Brooksville, FL. While there he was responsible for all aspects of church operations, including promotions, fundraising, volunteers, and programs. Despite his heavy responsibilities, he welcomed the opportunity to partner with TLC to open the Little House. He has since left TLC.

Joey Heidler and Karen

Silvia Vadell board member

Silvia Vadell

Oct. 2009  Silvia Vadell was welcomed to the TLC Board. Silvia is bilingual. She graduated from Springfield College in 2009.  As a board member, Silvia assisted with referrals and mentoring. She facilitated a mentoring group session for the residents. Silvia participated in TLC long before we opened our doors and had waited years for TLC to have its own facility. We are delighted she was able to offer her expertise. From time to time, Silvia helped with the interview process for new residents. Silvia was the first person to pledge monthly support and she continues to do so now even thogh she has since left her board position.



Teresa Glover

Teresa Glover

Teresa Glover joined the TLC board before there was even a residential building. She assisted with Life skills classes. Teresa studied at State University of New York at Stony Brooks and graduated in 2006. Terease brought a mush needed youthful prespective to the Board. Teresa served until October 9, 2012 Teresa moved for career purposes. 




Sandra Gilbertsen

Sandra Gilbertsen

In August of 2011 Sandy Gilbertsen joined the TLC Board as treasurer. As a foster parent she brought a unique perspective to the table. Sandy’s goal in life was “To raise up an army for God.”  From 2011 to 2014 she attended  Heritage Of Faith Bible Institute. Sandy is no longer a Board member, but her daughter Miranda serves as House Manager.




August 2005  Linda Sacca was welcomed to the board and held the position of Treasurer for two years. Linda states, ” I will do my duty with sincere obligations, to see that The Life Center of Hernando will indeed become a reality. It is a much needed facility and with God’s help we will succeed.”

Pastor Sheldon Wood served a short while on TLC’s Board. By July 2006 until he moved.

Chantelle Johnson

Chantelle Johnson

Chantelle Johnson was one of the original Board members. Chantelle studied at University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and graduated in 1990. She served faithfully for many years and was instrumental in creating the Policy and Procedure manual. Chantelle offered her professionalism and her unfailing loyalty to TLC for many years. Her resignation left a hole in TLC’s leadership.




Dr. Kevin James Ballard was one of the original Board members. On April 2004  Dr. Ballard resigned from the Board. He has since passed on to Glory.

Roberta Cummings was volunteering at Baby Love in Spring Hill, Fl. Baby Love is a pregnancy crisis center. She recognized the need to  reach out to  new moms with  a comprehensive program for them and their children that would be life changing. Roberta has since passed on to Glory.

Carolyn Timmons co-founder and Board Member

Carolyn Timmons original Board Member

Carolyn Timmons was an original Board member. She responded with great enthusiasm the moment she learned about the new ministry. Carolyn arranged for TLC’s first fund raiser at Golden Corral in Brooksville. The funds raised ($136) were enough to cover the cost of applying for our non-profit 501(c)3 status. Carolyn was the speaker that evening and she spoke with deep conviction about how we must help today’s youth. She arranged more fund raisers, a fashion show in Brooksville in March 2003, and a pageant in  March 2007.  Carolyn served on the board until Oct. 2009.


Barbara Lemoine Director and Chair of Board

Barbara Lemoine Founder

In 2002, Barbara Lemoine founded The Life Center of Hernando, Inc. (TLC), a transitional program for homeless moms and their young children, the only program of its kind in Hernando County. The first year, eighty-eight moms requested help. Three babies were born while their moms were living at TLC. TLC provided 84 weeks of shelter to seven families for a value of approximately $8,400. That first year, over 40 volunteers helped make TLC a success. In-kind donations were valued at over $23,000 with an additional $2,881 in cash donations. Barbara continues to play many crucial roles at TLC: She teaches classes at the shelter, hosts events, speaks in public, maintains accountability and writes grants and newsletters She served two terms as Board Chair and now serves as Executive Director. Last fiscal year, Barbara received a certificate from Retired Senior Volunteer Program, RSVP, honoring her as the volunteer with the greatest number of hours in their program (1,793 hours). This did not include the after hours emergency calls she takes at home. 



Phyllis Gsoell

Phyllis Gsoell: Maintenance

Phyllis helped TLC with maintenance and mentoring. Phyllis was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. She has travelled to many countries due to her job. Everywhere she has lived she has volunteered. That includes being a volunteer hostess for the USO and a childcare volunteer at various churches. Her hobbies include cooking. Some of her favorite dishes include Cuban, Indian and Thai. Phyllis says, “My heart is for my Lord Jesus Christ and serving him is my great motivator!”




Angela Welsh Life Skills Facilitator

Angela Welsh Life Skills Facilitator

Angela served on the steering committee before there was a TLC home. Then she served on the TLC board to help establish TLC. She currently facilitates the LifeSkill Classes. She has this to say, ”

“I have been volunteering with The Life Center since 2011 performing different duties including as Board member and secretary. I started serving TLC because I believed in the vision and by the sheer force of the Ex. Director’s will to make the idea of a shelter for young moms become a reality. I stay because every day that TLC is operating means young lives are being positively impacted. It feels great to know I am part of something that is making a difference on daily basis and on a very real level. I do not see myself quitting any time soon.”



Ruth Mendez House Manager

Ruth Mendez House Manager







Christy Plants Events Planner

Christy Plants Events Planner






Lin Williams Event Planner

Lin Williams Event Planner

Lin Williams  is 35 years old and comes from Memphis, TN. He and his wife have been together for 18 years and have five children. In addition to volunteering with The Life Center of Hernando, Lin is the Parental Engagement Liaison at Deltona Elementary School where he has worked for three years. Lin has a small Candy/Baking business called Williams-X5-Creations which provides a creative outlet. When asked why he started volunteering at The Life Center of Hernando County, Lin replied, “I find it amazing being able to help others, help themselves and become a better person for it.” His favorite quote is, “ A heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.”





Anna Murphy Baby Blanket knitter

Anna Murphy Baby Blanket knitter





Gerald Boutot- WebSite Manager

Gerald Boutot- WebSite Manager


Web developer and social media expert Jerry
Boutot maintains the TLC website.
Contact him at



DSC01201Ed Finertie & his all girl crew taking a break from renovating the LC building in the summer heat.






Let's grow a garden

Mary Kay Schneck

Mary Kay Schenk was TLC’s first live-in House Mother.




searchRobin Gatton   Reanna and Shelby Goss

Erika Black


Ayasha Teague

Ayasha Teague

Ayasha Teague was a life Skill instructor.




Fran Polland

Fran Polland


Fran gave up some time from her job at ReMax where she is a marketing Specialist to help paint The Learning Center. She brought her son Josh and they labored in the summer heat with no air conditioning and only odd dabs of donated paint. The results were spectacular.




Keeley Toro


Angelica Rivera


Alice Parola


Sonja Watson


imgres-6Kelsey and Howard Austin


Phillip Scarpelli


Hanging doors

Making a crooked house straight

Ron  Lemoine

All those hours of painting created this

Liz Lemoine sits in her fantasy village

Liz Lemoine


Ronda Mullin


Ann Beaver


Teressa Caraway


Viennessee Black


Valery Haron

Valery Herron

Valerie Herron was an early Life Skill instructor.





Roberta Cummings



Tim Lane helped rebuild the Little House


Ken Lendt helped set up accounting system.

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