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TLC will be participating in a Shoe Drive in association with Funds2Org
– an international aid group that supports micro enterprises
in countries around the world. 

Funds2Orgs supports Micro Enterprises in impoverished nations around the world by providing free business training and a FREE supply of shoes to get a business started. After the business has been established they can return and purchase the second set of shoes at a very low cost.

This formular has been enabling previously impoverished communities to thrive in Africa and Central and South America.

They believe that a HAND UP is more beneficial than the HAND OUT, because it teaches people how to be self-sufficient. And TLC supports that belief.

TLC will be paid for the shoes by Funds2Org based on pounds of shoes collected.Support TLC’s Shoe Drive and you will help members of your community 
make a difference to a community thousands of miles away.  
Win! Win!


  • Businesses – Give us permission to place a bin at your location.
  • Make a commitment to collect 25 Bags!
  • Your Teachers and Coaches – Ask them to participate by getting the kids in their classes/programs to bring in shoes
  • Clean out your own closets! And then ask neighbors, family members, friends to do the same
  • Garage Sales  – Ask your neighbors doing garage sales to donate any extra shoes they don’t sell, community garage sales are a great way to make collections-just let them know about your cause
  •  Local Gyms-Check with local gyms to see if they can donate shoes that were left in lockers or even set up a box where people can bring in shoes to donate
  • Church– Ask your church if TLC can advertise in their bulletin or on their bulletin board. Engage your youth group to help!
  • School Message Boards-If you are part of a school, use their messaging power to reach more people.  Talk with your PTA’s and principals to see if they will help with your drive.
  • Parties-Having a Party? Consider including a mention of the shoe drive in the invitations and ask them to donate.
  • Neighborhood HOA’s– Ask your  HOA’s if TLC can post a flier about the drive on their message boards.

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For more informatio on Funds2Orgs please visit their website @ www.funds2orgs.com

  • For Information on the Shoe Drive
  • Make a Pledge to collect 25 bags or more 
  • Offer a space for a collection bin,
  • Wish to volunteer for the cause
Please contact:Barbara Lemoine
352 597 0119
barbara_lemoine@yahoo.comAngela Welsh
917 578 6954


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