The Life Center Nov. 2015 Newsletter 

Lots of News

The Life Center of Hernando has lots of news: new volunteers, new donors, a new floor, a new baby on the way, a new vehicle coming, a new building needed.  

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Cute kids get top billing. Our youngest resident just celebrated her first birthday. Lots of babies do that, but not lots of babies spend part of their first year homeless on the streets. Being in a shelter is not the greatest, we admit. Nevertheless this family is grateful for a safe haven. That explains why this darling put on the tutu her mom made and danced! 

If you read our recent email, you know TLC is grateful for all of the support we have received over the last three years. 

Businesses generously gave materials and labor so the Little House could become a reality. Family members, friends, and strangers donated so we could keep our doors open. Ed Finertie’s family donated a second residential building for TLC. People give because the need is so great. 

TLC continues to offer hope to the homeless. TLC offers that dancing toddler a safe place to live. TLC offers loving care to our pregnant mom whose baby is due December 1st. TLC helps families gain independence like the mom who now has a job at Publix. 

Your dollars are doing all that and more. Now we need your help before our contract on the Little House expires February 29, 2016. We have found the perfect building and are seeking finances. Without it, half of our residents will be homeless once again. Your contribution will help keep families sheltered. Please contribute today. Please contribute now!

Contribute on line www.LifeCenterofHernando.com 

Or send a check to PO Box 10141 Brooksville, FL 34603

For more information please call 352 597-0119


Every Donation Helps TLC

We appreciate every gift whether it is new socks, old shoes or cedar mulch.

Chris Coffin‎, the Red Mule Runners, and Run! collected shoes under the direction of 

Michelle Zapata. Good job and many thanks to you. 

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Christy Plants and Rhonda Bradley from Brooksville Church of God of Prophecy dropped off amazing bags full of cosmetic and personal products. Our residents were thrilled. Thank you Christy and Rhonda.

TLC was just blessed with a big box containing 240 pairs of Bombas socks. There were enough socks so that TLC was able to share with other agencies. Our residents love them!

Weeki Wachee Stone Yard donated and delivered 2 yards of cedar mulch for our playground. The playground had been looking rather uninviting after the summer rains. Out with the weeds and in with the mulch! 

One of our pregnant residents had an urgent request. She asked. “Is there any way the life center can get a recliner donated? I have scoliosis and now it got worse. My back hurts every time I lay down and if I don’t lay down, I get dizzy. I couldn’t sleep at all last night.” Before the day was out, Phyllis Gsoell had driven a pickup to South End Civil in Bushnell and brought back a recliner donated by Doug Dempsey. 

The most exciting news comes from Larry VanFossen. He told TLC, “We are moving 

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ahead with your minivan. Since we are sort of a production facility…taking used trade ins from new car dealers and making them the best they can be, we actually have 2 vehicles that we have narrowed down for our holiday project for TLC. Both have been going thru our checkout and reconditioning process; we will be making our final decision between the two this next week. We are on target timewise for a Thanksgiving delivery and looking forward to participating in your continued success.

Link to TLC website


Every Volunteer Adds to TLC’s Success

Anna Murphy is our 88 yr. old volunteer who makes baby blankets for TLC. At a special luncheon Anna was honored by Elder Affairs out of Tallahassee for her many, many years of volunteer work. Thanks, Anna, for all those hours. And thanks to Miranda for donating that big bag of yarn so Anna can keep on volunteering.


About 20 volunteers from Suncoast Credit Union came to TLC on a recent Saturday to help us clean and paint. Thank you to Suncoast Credit Union. 

Miranda Hoover is our new House Manager. Miranda attended University of Central


Florida where she was both Peer Advisor and Student Assistant. She also attended PHSC where she served as Student Government Treasurer and President. Most importantly, she has a passion for TLC and is prepared to lead by example. We are very blessed to have her on our staff.

12107768_1205627012784598_2757955307426865462_n 3

Janette Pena is now ministering at TLC on a regular basis. She offers our residents an opportunity to increase their faith as they come together for praying, sharing and studying. At TLC, we believe a strong belief system is vital for everyone, but especially for those who are going through difficult times. We are very glad she has joined our team.

Angela Welsh has been serving TLC since the earliest days. She says, “I have been

12115439_1208521202495179_3556531116319315119_nvolunteering with The Life Center since 2011, performing different duties including board member and secretary. I started serving TLC because I believed in the vision and the sheer force of the Executive Director’s will to make the idea of a shelter for young moms become a reality. I stay because every day that TLC is operating means young lives are being positively impacted. It feels great to know I am part of something that is making a difference on a daily basis and on a very real level. I do not see myself quitting any time soon.”

We invite you to join our winning team. Help TLC help others. 

Maybe you can volunteer to be our: 

>Maintenance worker

>Grant researcher


>Driver (So exciting!!!!)

>Social Director & Birthday Coordinator

>Experienced Board member


>Preschool teacher

How can you help?

>Volunteer. thelifecenterfl@gmail.com or 352-597-0119. Ask for Barbara 

> Like us at https://www.facebook.comTheLifeCenterOfHernando

> Learn more about TLC at www.LifeCenterofHernando.com

> Before shopping, click on https://smile.amazon.com/ch/32-0004500

> Donate anything with a title. 877 227 7487 Mention TLC

> Send a donation to TLC  PO Box 10141 Brooksville, FL 34603

The life Center of Hernando, Inc. is a charitable organization registered under s.

496.411(3), F.S. A copy of the official registration may be obtained from the division of

consumer affairs by calling 1-800-435-7352 Toll-Free within the state. Registration does

not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. The Life Center’s registration number in Florida is CH 22951.

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The life Center of Hernando, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization registered under s.496.411(3), F.S. A copy of the official registration may be obtained from the division of consumer affairs by calling 1-800-435-7352 Toll-Free within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. The Life Center’s registration number in Florida is CH 22951.