The Life Center of Hernando Newsletter
The Life Center of Hernando Newsletter Dec. 2016
Happy New Year

The Life Center is enjoying many new things as we enter 2017: our first Christmas in the new building, a new baby, new volunteers, new financial supporters, new garden, new vision. And a revamped, thought not new, well and septic system. Thank you one and all who contributed to the success of TLC. Maybe you prayed for us or donated a bag of goodies or offered to spend an hour or so a week at TLC. Each one of you contributed to the overall success of TLC.

How do we measure success? Is it the number of nights we provide safe housing? Is it the number of families we help? The number of diapers we provide? The number of babies born?

It is all of that, and more besides. Some stuff is hard to measure. We can tell you how many babies have been reunified with their mothers while mom was at TLC (4). But we could never measure how a mom feels holding that child in her arms knowing how hard she has worked to get to that place.

We can talk about improved family relationships, but what does that mean? It means three generations have found peace with each other. There have been changes, healing, growth, forgiveness. Volunteer Angela Welsh expressed it well when she said, “TLC is more than just a place for women to live; it can also be a crucial part of a resident’s recovery and healing – and a very tangible difference for anyone who comes in mandated by the courts. The fact that we have classes, a house manager and daily onsite support is impressive to outsiders.”

We can talk about young women who are so broken they can barely take care of


themselves, let alone a child or two. How do you measure the loving acceptance she receives? the hope she gains? the self-confidence?  When the parent is healthy, the family is healthy. Volunteers who lend a hand help our moms, the babies, and the greater community.  Volunteer Tracy Echols said, “After a very long and challenging day, watching a little baby’s face light up when he sees me completely made my day worthwhile. There is nothing else like this organization and the difference TLC is making in the lives of the mothers and children that it serves. I am blessed to be one of their volunteer baby holders. It is a blessing to my life to go there each week and see how they grow physically, internally, and emotionally. So proud of all the hard work that has been done to bring it to this point! So proud to be a part of it.”

There was a time when there was no TLC. Where did desperate moms go? How did they provide for their children? Some lived in cars or other places not meant for human habitation. Some probably returned to an abusive relationship. We know some became strippers or prostitutes. Some may have ended up in a relationship with a pedophile. There were very few satisfactory long term solutions. But now there is TLC. Every day behind the scenes at TLC, there are classes, training, mentoring and encouragement. Everything you give helps TLC change lives. Do you realize what you are doing when you give? You are making a difference in the present and future life of an entire family!

TLC is one of three shelters in Hernando County serving specific populations. The Life Center of Hernando (TLC) is a residential transitional housing for homeless women and children. Open since 2013, it serves women ages 18-25 with a maximum of three children under five years of age.  The typical level of intensity and duration necessary to reach a successful outcome is 12 – 18 months. The first six weeks are free and thatremains in effect until the mom has an established income.


Thanks for Blessing TLC in 2016

Since our last newsletter, there have been several noteworthy events. The most exciting event was the birth of our newest resident- a baby girl. TLC proudly welcomes this new baby girl  into the world. She is the  sixth baby born while the mom was part of the TLC program. We are overjoyed that this baby girl arrived in time for Christmas. Her mom will share the details as she chooses. The baby shower was held at TLC just a few hours before the baby arrived! Talk about timing! It was a double shower so we are still waiting for the other baby girl to arrive on the scene. Thank you Hernando County for providing a safe home for these precious families.

We really appreciate all those donations! We are so blessed, we hardly have time to

15590950_1618505728163389_419420428829732140_o 2 count our blessings, let alone put them away! A huge thank you to everyone in Hernando County who came together to make this an extra special Christmas at TLC. In February 2017, we will celebrate our 4th year of operation and all we can say is that each year has been better than the one before and the best is yet to come!

If we try to list all of our well wishers, we are bound to omit someone and we don’t want to cause hurt feelings. There were middle school kids, college students, businesses, clubs and individuals who all gave generously. Just look at our tree, all the gifts, and our full pantry! Thank you, thank you, one and all!

Kicking off the holiday season, a mentor group from Grace World Outreach Church

15349577_1595412977139331_4726792137143433016_nbrought a party to TLC for our moms. It was a lovely grown-up Christmas party. The six hostesses brought gift bags and designer bags filled with great stuff (candy, lotion, hair stuff). They also brought lunch – everything from salad to dessert and beverages. They brought love. These are all lovely, godly women. One of the women was Valerie Herron, whom we haven’t see since she taught Life Skills classes way back in the beginning of TLC. It was great to see her. Valerie was amazed and so happy at the progress we’ve made since Little House days. We really appreciate these women and the time they took to minister to our moms.

15672783_1619067154773913_6076498704658715212_nOne group needs special recognition for their extreme generosity. Tone U Gym brought Christmas to TLC this year. They collected money from gym members and went shopping. Their goal was to fill every wish on every list; Including large items like car seats and gift cards for underwear. One mom almost cried when she got new shoes. Santa knew he had brought just the right gift! Plus, Tone U brought all the fixings for Christmas dinner, fruit and a huge bag of homemade Christmas goodies. We feel their love and kindness. They have asked to come back next year and we couldn’t be more pleased.

15665634_1619070408106921_8850158574207433424_nWe always appreciate people who help us with funding – especially when a group hosts a fund raiser for TLC and donates the proceeds. This helps our staff to stay focused on our very important job of building strong families. These groups helped recently:

Gamma XI Master, a chapter of BETA SIGMA PHI, hosted a benefit for The Life Center at Strong Tower Vineyard and Winery in Pasco County. They invited Evangeline and Barbara who enjoyed the hors d’Oeuvres and live music. A fun time was had by all as we partied under the twinkle lights and got to know our generous supporters. Thank you, Gamma XI Master. 

Donovan Britton, a 13-year-old Gulf Coast Middle School student, participated in a Pay It Forward Project.  He organized an archery tournament at his school. The pictures show the results of his endeavors. Thanks, Donovan!

Isabella Borba attends Gulf Coast Academy of Science and Technology. She also choose TLC for her Pay it Forward Project. She wanted to raise money for TLC. She painted mason jars with holiday themes and added several items and goodies in each jar. She made about  50-60 mason jars and sold them in front of Susie’s Grill in Spring Hill. Thanks, Isabella!

15492085_1607713725909256_8245675689738303457_n 2Lowe’s provided a huge blessing to TLC this year. We approached Lowe’s for help. We told them we had 8 families living at TLC and not one good washer. That’s a lot of unwashed baby clothes! We explained we had  two very old refrigerators and each mom only got one shelf. Not what you would call adequate! Our budget just wouldn’t stretch far enough to meet our needs. We offered what we had and Lowe’s donated the rest. Our heroes! Now all TLC residents have clean clothes and fresh food. THANK YOU, LOWE’S!

Link to website

What About 2017?

At TLC we don’t think we have arrived yet. What’s next? We have a new project in mind. In fact, we have been planning it for several months. The new property that TLC bought in early 2016 includes an out building. We considered many possible uses for it and decided our most desperate need is for a learning center.

One of the most vital aspects of the program is the Life Skill classes held three times a week covering parenting, personal development, finances, and other vital topics. Volunteers babysitter the toddlers, but all 8 moms and the smallest infants must crowd around the dining room table to hear the facilitator. This environment is not conducive to learning!

We hope to renovate the outbuilding for use as a classroom. Here, classes will be held and computers set up for study and job applications. A classroom atmosphere will help residents and instructors focus on the instruction at hand. Being in an area conducive to learning and with fewer distractions, residents will be more engaged and better able to absorb the information.

We have made a start. We cleared out everything that was stored in the building. We cleaned and did some painting. We named this building the BEE Hive because our moms are Becoming Educated and Empowered in a Hive of activity.

We need to get a  building permit, put up one wall, and build an entry ramp and steps. We have one estimate for $7,408. We have a fund raising campaign through Crowdera that outlines the project in more detail.

(insert link)

We are at full capacity right now with eight families. As we go to press, we have two homeless moms on our waiting list – each with three babies. That’s six homeless preschoolers right here in Hernando County. Please continue your support of TLC and help us to help those in our community who are so desperate.

You can help:

>Volunteer. thelifecenterfl@gmail.com or call 352-597-0119

> Like us  https://www.facebook.com/TheLifeCenterOfHernando?

> Visit and like TLC at www.LifeCenterofHernando.com

> Shopping? First click https://smile.amazon.com/ch/32-0004500

> Donate a vehicle http://www.lifecenterofhernando.com/vehicle-donations/   (888) 448-3345

> Create a Legacy http://www.lifecenterofhernando.com/legacy-society/

> Send a donation to TLC  PO Box 10141 Brooksville, FL 34603


The Life Center oThe Life Center of Hernando, Inc. is a charitable organization registered under s.496.411(3), F.S. A copy of the official registration may be obtained from the division of consumer affairs by calling 1-800-435-7352 Toll-Free within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. The Life Center’s registration number in Florida is CH 22951

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The life Center of Hernando, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization registered under s.496.411(3), F.S. A copy of the official registration may be obtained from the division of consumer affairs by calling 1-800-435-7352 Toll-Free within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. The Life Center’s registration number in Florida is CH 22951.