TLC August 2016  Newsletter
The Life Center of Hernando Newsletter Aug. 2016
Great Community Support

July 4th was a great day to celebrate America with fireworks and fun for the entire family.  Many folks came out to the fairgrounds for music, games, contests, food, and the Demolition Derby! A colorful and sparkling fireworks display topped off the evening. TLC was there with a hot dog stand to raise funds for the shelter.

13708336_1414936005187030_5129664453577098191_oThanks to everyone who bought a hot dog on July 4th at the TLC Dog Shack at the fairgrounds. Vans Cars and Trucks sponsored this booth for a very successful TLC fundraiser. We are very grateful for their faithful support!

It was a regular Hot Dog Hurricane run by a fine work crew. This marvelous event was was a first time deal where everyone learned a lot. It sounds so easy: cook hotdogs and serve with cold drinks and chips. But considerable preparation was needed in order to be proficient enough to serve over 800 hot dogs in 3.5 hours. Here’s what Larry has to say,

“Huge thanks to Jim for partnering in this excursion. Wisdom and drive paired with tolerance of working as a team make his assets beyond considerable. Not enough can be said for what he brings to pulling off any project he involves himself with.”

Karen and Deb were tireless dog assemblers, building and wrapping those dogs as fast as Larry could cook in batches of 24 to 48. Whoever knew you could get carpal tunnel from wrapping hotdogs? lol

David and Linda were front end workers….tirelessly greeting and filling orders. What a great team.

Helpers from The Life Center dug into whatever was asked, filling in on work tables or chasing down ice coolers. Cyndi, Jess, Dillion, and all the others worked in shifts between baby duties, greeting and hawking our Dog Shack. They did an impressive job presenting TLC to the public. The closing crew with Dillon stayed to the end, tearing down till everything was all packed up and ready to roll. A huge thanks to everyone who helped in any way, including those who bought a hot dog!


We are loving the attic in our new building. It’s unfinished, but good enough to hold all those donated baby items while we wait to match them up to the right baby. Some items found a new home at the recent Happy Happy Hippos sale in Brooksville. TLC picked up crib sheets and a bottle drying rack that we needed (more of both are needed). Our residents and volunteers worked long hours to prepare for this fund raiser. We have evaluated our work and found several ways to improve for the spring sale. The main thing is that everyone worked together to help make our program better. Thanks to everyone who sorted, entered, pinned, and hung. You all did a lot of work!


Year after year in Leadville, CO; endurance athletes from all over the world test their grit, guts and determination with the ultimate goal of “Racing Across the Sky” and earning the coveted silver and gold buckle. Jess King of Spring Hill not only pushes his mind and body to the limit, he raised $1,000 for TLC at the same time.

13412880_10208228018956201_2342648170424759073_nJesse’s awesome talented wife, Kristen, created this check for him to present to Barbara Lemoine, Executive Director of TLC. Jesse says, “I am just the delivery guy. You guys are the real heroes. I took on a responsibility to raise money for The Life Center of Hernando County–and thanks to the hard work and dedication of all the donors I was able to make good on my promise. $1000 will do a lot for the families of TLC and put a lot of smiles of those kids’ faces. Thank you so very much for every single hard earned dollar that you gave to make this a reality. I will make everyone proud in Leadville. Thank you always!!”

Thank you to my #‎journeytoleadville2016 #‎donate #‎giveback #‎thank you #‎TLC #‎mtb#‎leadville #‎coloRADo #‎designvictory @ltraceseries @blueprintforathletes @kristenskoveking

Lots of Volunteer Opportunities

This last spring the residents at TLC requested a CPR class. On Thursday, March

13590470_1398988380115126_248602463760132136_n10th from 1 – 5 pm, Dan Santana (DOES HE HAVE A TITLE? LT?) from the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office came to TLC to facilitate that class. It was a long class and residents had to still take care of their children. Everyone managed to work around child care, breaks, feeding times, diapers and so on.

Angela Welsh from TLC wanted to do something special to thank Dan, so she created the first-ever TLC Thank You plaque. Dan is pictured proudly displaying the plaque which depicts scenes from the first 3 years of TLC’s existence.

Thank you, Dan, and all the other folks who have helped make TLC a success. See TLC’s history at www.LifeCenterofHernando.com


New opportunity!

TLC is looking for a house manager. It is a volunteer position, but does include a private room with adjoining porch. We keep the facility as wholesome as possible because we have preschoolers. You guessed it: no smoking, drinking, sex, “bad words”, and so on. Sorry no pets.


Position requires a min. of 10 hours/week overseeing the daily activities of the facility. Warning: it soon becomes an all-consuming ministry as the House Manager begins interacting with residents and helping them achieve their goals. Both intense and highly rewarding. Contact Barbara for more information 352 597-0119


Maybe you don’t want to live at TLC, but only want to volunteer by the hour. Here is your opportunity!

The Life Center of Hernando would like a few more Granny-Nannies (baby holders). Our toddlers need hugs and laps too.

Wanted: drivers over 25 with a good driving record willing to commit one or more days a week to drive the TLC Honda minivan within Hernando County. Our residents need transportation to school, WIC, Career Source, and other essential destinations.

A party planner for birthdays and holidays is needed. Everyone needs a little bit of fun now and then. The truth is that even Mother’s Day passed with no celebration at TLC. That wasn’t right.

Are you a preschool worker willing to teach toddlers in the morning one or more times a week? Volunteer. Our little guys need you.

Do you have a skill you can offer? TLC probably needs you. Can you cut hair? Paint? Pull weeds? Sweep a roof? Sort donations? TLC is approved to supervise community service hours. Contact Barbara 352 597-0119


Short on volunteer time, but still want to help? There are a few things TLC would really like. Call for drop off instructions. Barbara 352 597-0119

BBQ grill

Food blender

Bottle drying rack

Bottom crib sheets

Household supplies: laundry soap, paper towels, toilet paper

Hygiene items: shampoo, conditioner, feminine hygiene, wipes, diapers

Towels of all kinds

Bedside lamps (wall-hung is best)




TLC has been extremely short on social activities this year. One thing we absolutely could not overlook was the birth of our two youngest residents. We held a combined baby shower after they were born. That was sort of unconventional, but the best we could manage. Another resident planned the decorations and refreshments and invited the guests. It was a huge success. We had wall-to-wall people. The adults entertained ourselves with lots of lively conversation while the younger set crawled around on the floor and splashed around in the wading pool. Lots of fun and a great “welcome to our world” for the newborns.

13729166_1415445535136077_6632093651325625716_nSpeaking of baby showers, here’s a fun idea for a group of grannies who are missing those grand babies up north. Why not plan a mock baby shower? Games, food, decorations–all with a “welcome baby” theme. Gifts can be donated to The Life Center of Hernando County. Our most requested items are wipes and diapers size 3 and larger. Have fun!


Monetary and material donations to The Life Center help us provide safe shelter, life skills, parenting classes and transportation for our residents. With our new building we can now serve more young families. With that growth comes an increase in expenses for the services we provide. We need your support to help us meet the needs of others.

You can help:

>Volunteer. thelifecenterfl@gmail.com or call 352-597-0119

> Like us https://www.facebook.comTheLifeCenterOfHernando

> Visit and like TLC at www.LifeCenterofHernando.com

> Shopping? First click https://smile.amazon.com/ch/32-0004500

> Donate a vehicle http://www.lifecenterofhernando.com/vehicle-donations/ (888) 448-3345

> Create a Legacy http://www.lifecenterofhernando.com/legacy-society/

> Send a donation to TLC PO Box 10141 Brooksville, FL 34603


The Grass is Always Greener

The grass is growing well at TLC. Actually, one spot was growing a little faster and a little greener than the rest. Checking more closely, we discovered it was VERY squishy under all that grass. Could it be? Yes, indeed. We had an overfull septic tank with a missing cover. That explained the backed up toilet. Yet another unexpected surprise of home ownership.

We made a few calls and got a guy to come out to pump out the tank. Naturally, this was over a major holiday weekend. Naturally, he wanted to get paid.

We sent out an appeal for needed funds to help cover this unexpected expense. One faithful supporter sent money and we applied that to help clean up the smelly mess. We sent a thank-you note along with an “insider update”. She replied back, “I love your updates! Doesn’t matter if it’s new cribs or cleaning a septic tank, it’s wonderful knowing the money is helping to make this house a home!”

Want your own insider update? Become a monthly supporter of TLC. Send any amount to: TLC PO Box 10141 Brooksville, FL 34603 or go to www.LifeCenterofHernando.com and donate online.


The Life Center of Hernando, Inc. is a charitable organization registered under s.496.411(3), F.S. A copy of the official registration may be obtained from the division of consumer affairs by calling 1-800-435-7352 Toll-Free within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. The Life Center’s registration number in Florida is CH 22951

HIs Heart, His Hands, His House

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The life Center of Hernando, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization registered under s.496.411(3), F.S. A copy of the official registration may be obtained from the division of consumer affairs by calling 1-800-435-7352 Toll-Free within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. The Life Center’s registration number in Florida is CH 22951.