Life Center of Hernando Individual Supporters

The Life Center of Hernando Individual Supporters

Many people have been raised by single moms or they have experienced single parenthood themselves. Other people just want to give back to their community. Generosity is inspired by many factors and takes many different forms. Some times a person has very little and gives out of their own need. Sometimes a person just knows it is more blessed to give than receive. Sometimes a person sees a need and just can’t walk away.  Whatever the reason, we thank each of our individual supporters for gifts large and small.

In no particular those who have supported TLC financially are:




Belinda Star

Tammy Mack

Randy and Cindy Pardue

Chet and Julie Steel   

Lori Hafer

Tracy Echols  

Naomi Mattai                                         

John Golden

Dorothy Errea

Denise Pitts

Fran Poland                      th-1

Chet Steel

Florence Parker

Gussie Guarino

Kit Raymond

Bill Davis 

Mary Kay Schenk

Mickey and Silvia Vadell

Keeley Toro

Shanica Figuroa

Roxanne Cancun

Lisa Mahler

Natalie Gillespie

Ed Finertie

Angela Welsh

Kate Vergers

Beth Balogh

Ron and Barbara Lemoine                th-3

Phil and Barbara Esposito

Linda Brown

Lynda Cowger

Grace Kraemer

Sheri Prouty

Debra Purdy

Christy Plants

Robin and Mary Cook

Mike Gonzalez

Patricia McCarthy

Dave and Angela Sheppard

Tammy Lyall

Joe and Cathy Swilley

Nicole Pracko

Jerry and Gloria Lawson                          th

Lisa Desaubel

Jess and Kristen King

Pat Natiello

Randi Allocco

Sophia Cleary

Scott Smith

Sheri Kerr

Tiffany Sizemore

Miranda Hoover

Trina Fitch

Ann Frankel

Melanie Burpee

Patricia Hodge

James Brousseau

Nicole Prack


thSometimes our supports give “in-kind” gifts. We appreciate that support as well. In no particular those who have given in-kind gifts are:

Gerry Bishop

Joann Machnicki

Sharon Foss

Virginia Clayton

Rachael Clark

Carol Lawhorne

Ralph Vitola

Pam Pollock

Kristina Lemoine

Harry and Priscilla Brand

Robin Cook

Robin Walter

Anna Murphy

Janice Rebitt

Grace Gordon

th-1Bob Osmond

Wayne Augustine

Ed Finertie

John Sampson

Angela Murphy

Debbie GWOC

Ralph Vitola 

Angela Maggio

Chet Steel

Dana Adams

Rebecca Seal’s neighbor

Kelly Progue

Angela Welch

Angela Murphy

Amy Earnhart

Janet Brunetti

Victoria Jones


Lisa Seay

James/Tamara Slatton

Star Brown


Karen Burling

Randy Pardue


Melissa Bezares

Alexis Esandree

James Wunch

Joseph Wooters

Robin Gatton

Kit Raymond

Angela Welch’s neighbor

Lynda Cowger

Lisa Mahler

Gene Solomon

Victoria Jones

Maria Rosario

Kristina Faulkner




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The life Center of Hernando, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization registered under s.496.411(3), F.S. A copy of the official registration may be obtained from the division of consumer affairs by calling 1-800-435-7352 Toll-Free within the state. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the state. The Life Center’s registration number in Florida is CH 22951.