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Adult Education leads to success

Adult Education leads to success

This website offers a free online, completely free GED® test preparation course and practice tests. It is designed to help you pass your GED® exam and take the next step toward college or a new career. Developed by experienced instructors, this 200-page course covers all of the key points of the GED® test, as well as the major topics of the HiSET and TASC exams. It is comparable to study guides that cost twenty dollars or more at bookstores or online.

They say if you want to prepare for your GED® test, this online GED® test preparation class provides valuable educational information regarding all of the five main topic areas:

  • Math
  • Language Arts, Reading
  • Language Arts, Writing
  • Social Studies
  • Science

The free GED® test prep course and free practice tests are designed for people with a ninth-grade level of education or higher, provide solid preparation in five main areas and includes many helpful tips and strategies. Special attention is paid to  GED® test math topics

The entire online class is available  to anyone who is ready to commit time and energy ito prepare for their GED® test completion. Whether you’re heading for a career, choosing a college, are a home school student, or you’re just someone interested in an online course or practice exams, this program is for you!

A second site to try is
This website offers free GED practice tests and there are also GED videos programs that include mini-practice tests.

Information for Hernando County GED classes

> Contact  Heart Literacy at 352 595-7018

> Residents in a shelter are exempt from paying fees for classes or testing.

> Each student in a shelter needs a letter on letterhead from that shelter. It can be emailed by attachment to Thomas_J2@HCSB.k12

> First make an appointment for a TABE test

> Tests are giving Tues. or Thurs. at 9 am 

Education is the key to success

Education is the key to success

> Appointments are also available evenings from 5:30 to 8

> Evaluation follows testing

> Grace World Outreach Church hosts a GED program

> At GWOC Child care is provided for toddlers, but not infants

> Classes are usually smaller than 10 students. 

> Classes are available on line or in person or a combination.

> A minimum of 5 hrs. each week is required

> Astudent who fails a test needs to put in 50 hours before retesting

> On-line is only class offered during the summer. 

> Classes are on going

Tips for Child’s School Safety

The Dawn Center has  put together a few back to school safety tips.

  • On Transportation Safety:  Whether children walk, ride their bicycle or take the bus to school, it is extremely important that they take proper safety precautions.
  • Teach them to pay attention to their surroundings; listening to music on earphones or playing handheld video games decreases awareness of  potential danger. 
  • Talk to your children about always walking or playing in groups. 
  • Designate safe places for them if trouble arises.

Remember, positive relationships between students and their peers, teachers, and families can be critical assets in assessing youth’s well-being!  Parent involvement in both academic and social aspects of their children’s school experiences – including prevention programs – family cohesion and communication.

School supplies for successful students

School supplies for successful students

Children who experience domestic violence may be more vulnerable to being approached by the abusive parent during the school year as they spend more time out of the home.  When you need to take additional steps to remain safe, here are some ideas:

  • Give the principal at school (or daycare center) a copy of any court orders that discuss contacts with children; tell them not to release your children to anyone without talking to you first; use a password so they can be sure it is you on the phone; give them a photo of the abuser.
  • Make sure the children know who to tell at school if they see the abuser. 
  • Make sure that the school knows not to give your address or phone number to ANYONE.
  • Make sure that the children know how to get in contact with you and other safe adults

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