Anna’s Story Part 69

Anna's Story

Anna’s Story

Miss S. came by again today. She was all excited. She found out about a job she thought would be perfect for me. She came right over to tell me and to see if I was interested. After that everything just sort of fell into place. Now I will be moving out of the shelter, working and the kids will be in daycare- just that fast.

Here is what happened. There is a lady who owns a daycare name Miss White. Miss White lives next door to the daycare and her mother lives with her. Well, her mom just had a stroke and now she needs someone to stay with her all day while Miss While is at work.  Miss White said I could have a room in her house and the kids could enroll in her school if I was willing to watch her mom. Not exactly my dream job, but hey I could do worse.

The best news of all?  I am leaving here. I am getting out of this shelter. It has been OK here and they have helped me a lot, but I sure will be glad to be out of here and making it on my own. It’s weird how it always felt temporary, but at the same time it felt like I might be stuck here forever. Who knew things could change so fast? Who knows what the future holds?

What I do know is that I am going to be living in a good home and my kids are going to be in a good school and I will be working and on my own. I will be doing  the housekeeping for Miss White as well. Good thing I learned to clean behind the toilet! lol I am just about laughing out loud as I write this. I am so excited and so happy. I guess I will miss this place once I am gone, but for now, I am just happy, happy, happy to be leaving.

I am going to stop writing in this book and close it for good, but I will keep it. It will always be my shelter book. I’ll call it Anna’s Story.

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