Anna’s Story Part 58

Parametdcs at work

Paramedics at work

Well Noah finally did it. I’ve been telling that boy he was going to kill himself one of these days. He almost did today. There was this man walking a big brown dog down the street and when Noah saw that dog he screamed and started running. I don’t  know why he was so scared, but he was. He tripped over a stick and feel right down on the concrete on the drive way. Well he hit his head and blood started gushing out all over the place. Then I started screaming cause Noah’s face was bloody all over and he looked awful.

You could tell the man with the dog felt bad and wanted to help, but he still had his big old dog on the leash and could’t just let that dog go. So the man started yelling at us to call 911, but my phone was inside and besides I don’t have any minutes left on it. I don’t know who called the ambulance, but it got there fast. Noah was still crying and he still had blood all over his face. I didn’t know what to do. I know I yelled at him for trying to kill himself and being clumsy and falling on his head. I wanted to hold him, but I was too scared. There was just so much blood. I think I remember the dog barking a lot.

Then the ambulance was there. They sorted everything out. They got Noah talking to them and he stopped screaming. Then they wiped off his face a little and you could see it was just one cut and not his whole face. It sure did bleed a lot. They wanted to take Noah to the hospital to check him over so I said OK. I got to ride in the ambulance with him. One parametric kept talking real gentle like with Noah. I finally got over being so mad at him and started to worry about him.

Everything turned out OK. I feel bad I sort of forgot all about the baby when I left. The house mom watched her. She also made sure we took Noah’s car seat. Turns out we needed it when it was time to go home. Noah got 6 stitches and he has to go back next week to get checked. They gave me some pills to give him. 2 kinds. One is for pain and one is for infection. I guess he is going to have a small scar on his face now.

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